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An administrator is creating a vDisk in a XenDesktop environment and wants to enable automatic vdisk updates.


Which two vDisk properties must the administrator configure in order for a newer vDisk to replace an older vDisk? (Choose two)






E.Hardware target


Answer: B,D




In the Delivery Services Console, a dash (-) appears in the machine state column of certain `virtual machines (VMs) in a pooled desktop group. What could cause this issue?


A.The DNS server is down

B.The Desktop Delivery Controller cannot find the license server
C.There are not enough resources on XenServer to start the VMs
D.Microsoft Active Directory machine accounts are not replicated


Answer: C




An administrator installed XenDesktop and selected the incorrect edition for licensing. How should the administrator change the XenDesktop edition after the initial installation?


A.Edit the license file on the license server

B.Run the DESKTOPSERVICE.MSI and select the edition
C.Run ProductEdition SETEDITION EDITION=XXX on the Desktop Delivery Controller
D.Right-click the Desktop Deliver Controller server and select “Set Product Edition” from the Delivery Services Console


Answer: C




Citrix 1Y0-A17 : Practice Test




An administrator just Created several desktop groups in a test XenDesktop farm and now wants to move them to the production XenDesktop farm “Click the `Tasks button to place the steps to migrate the desktop groups to the production farm in the correct order Click the `Exhibits button for instructions on how to complete a Drag and Drop item.


What is the correct order of steps to migrate the desktop groups to the production farm?












Citrix 1Y0-A17 : Practice Test

An administrator needs to implement a Provisioning Services image to multiple hardware types. Which type of image should the administrator use in this case?


A.Private disk mage

B.Shared disk image

C.Common disk image

D.Difference disk image


Answer: D




An administrator is in the process of creating a desktop group using the Delivery Services Console What must a virtual desktop have in order to successfully be added to the desktop group?


A.A valid Citrix license

B.A vDisk assigned to it

C.A Terminal Server license

D.A domain account configured on it

E.At least one application installed on it

F.A Microsoft Active Directory Computer Account


Answer: F




Scenario: An administrator created several policies in a XenDesktop environment Each policy includes vanous policy rules configured with multiple filters based on how users access virtual desktops, the desktop group a user belongs to and the client IP address When a user logs on to access a virtual desktop, only the _________ will be applied to the user (Choose the correct phrase to complete the sentence)


A.resultant policy

B.highest priority policy

C.Policies without conflicts

D.Most recently created policy


Answer: A




Citrix 1Y0-A17 : Practice Test




An administrator is about to install the Desktop Delivery Controller using autorun on what will be the XenDesktop server, however, the administrator does NOT want to install the Web Interface on that server How should the administrator install the Desktop Delivery Controller without installing the Web Interface?


A.Deselect the option to install the Web Interface from the server roles
B.Choose `Custom Install’ when installing the Desktop Delivery Controller
C.Install the DDC without specifying the name of the Web Interface server
D.Install the DDC through the command line interface using the `-nosites’ option


Answer: D




How must an administrator enable user-driven desktop restart?


A.Change the virtual machine properties in XenServer
B.Change the device properties in Provisioning Services
C.Change the properties of each virtual Desktop agent in the farm
D.Change the common tasks in the desktop group in the delivery services console


Answer: D




Scenario: An administrator needs to create a vDisk that will run Microsoft Windows Vista and one application No other applications will be added to the vDisk


The administrator should create the vDisk so that the vDisk size is _______ MB according to best practice, and the VHD format is ________


(Choose the correct option to complete the sentence)


A.4096. fixed

B.8192. fixed

C.16384, fixed

D.4096, dynamic

E.8192, dynamic

F.16384. dynamic




Citrix 1Y0-A17 : Practice Test


Answer: F


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