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Once a remote user logs on to a virtual desktop and a connection is established, all further traffic between the client device and the server is proxied through the __________ (Choose the correct option to complete the sentence)


A.Web Interface

B.Access Gateway

C.Desktop Receiver

D.Virtual Desktop Agent

E.Desktop Delivery Controller


Answer: D




Scenario: An adminIstrator created several streamed applications in a XenDesktop environment The administrator wants to pre-cache the applications on the vDisk to enhance the user experience. What must the administrator do before the streamed applications can be pre-cached successfully?


A.Install Virtual Desktop Agent

B.Ensure thevDisk is in Private Image mode

C.Configure a XenApp policy to allow pre-caching
D.Install the application on the Virtual Desktop Agent


Answer: B


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A user is attempting to access a virtual desktop remotely Click the `Task’ button to place the steps in the desktop delivery process in the correct order Click the `Exhibit button for instructions on how to complete a Drag and Drop item.




Citrix 1Y0-A17 : Practice Test




What is the correct order of steps in the desktop delivery process?








How should an administrator deliver applications from two departmental XenApp farms into a single XenDestop virtual machine?


A.Install multiple XenApp plug-ins

B.Create several Web Interface sites

C.Aggregate the farms using the Web Interface

D.Consolidate the two farms into a single zone




Citrix 1Y0-A17 : Practice Test


Answer: C




Which four options must an administrator specify when creating a vDisk? (Choose four.)







F.VHD Format


Answer: A,C,E,F




An administrator has installed Provisioning Services in a XenDesktop environment in which DHCP and PXE run on the same server. Which action should the administrator take to ensure that the target device will acquire the boot file?


A.Verify that the TFTP service is running

B.Add an option tag to the DHCP configuration

C.Ensure that the Citnx tools for virtual machines are installed
D.Provide boot devices through the Manage Boot Devices Utility


Answer: B




Scenario: An administrator needs to create several virtual desktops. The virtual desktops will be contained in one desktop group that wil be part of the XenDesktop farm and added to the XenServer infrastructure. The administrator decides to use the XenDesktop Setup Wizard. Which four items would the administrator need to know the names of in order to create the desktop


Which four items would the administrator need to know the names of in order to create the desktop group with several virtual desktops? (Choose four)




Citrix 1Y0-A17 : Practice Test

A.The vDisk that will be used

B.The desktop group that will be created

C.The virtual desktops that will be created

D.The virtual machine template that will be used
E.The Provisioning Services server on which the vDisk was created
F.The XenDesktop server on which the desktop group will be created


Answer: A,B,C,D




Which two tools can an administrator use to update a Provisioning Services vDisk? (Choose two)




C.XenServer API

D.Management Command Line Interface (MCLI)


Answer: A,D




An administrator recently created a new vDisk file and needs to use Automatic vDisk Update to match the new vDisk file to an old vDisk file.


How should the administrator complete this task?


A.Make both vDisks the same size and make the version number of both vDisks the same.
B.Change the name of the new vDisk to the same name as the old vDisk and make the serial number for both vDisks the same

C.Enable automatic updates for both vDisks and make the serial number of the new vDisk higher than the serial number of the old vDisk

D.Copy the configuration file of the vDisk with the same name of the new vDisk and make the version number of the new vDisk higher than the version number of the old vDisk


Answer: C






Citrix 1Y0-A17 : Practice Test

An administrator created a policy using the Presentation Server Console on the Desktop Delivery Controller and enabled the ‘Turn off desktop wallpaper’ policy rule.


If the administrator changes this policy rule to the disabled setting, _________ (choose the correct phrase to complete the sentence)


A.a lower-priority policy will not be able to enable the policy rule
B.the policy will be ignored when users log on to access the environment
C.Users currently connected to the environment will be affected by the rule
D.the ‘Turn off desktop wallpaper’ feature will be enabled in the environment


Answer: A


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