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An administrator is in the process of creating a new pooled desktop group and needs to add Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) to the desktop group. Click the `Exhibit’ button to view a screenshot of the properties of the desktop group


A.Edit the filter in Access Control to include RDP
B.Add RDP to Connection Protocols in Client Options
C.Edit the Assignment Type to include the RDP information
D.Edit the Logon Information to include the RDP information
E.Add a virtual desktop to the desktop group that includes RDP How must the administrator add RDP to the desktop group?


Answer: B




Which component of the XenDesktop architecture uses Microsoft Active Directory to find the controllers that constitute a farm?


A.Desktop Recewer

B.Domain Controller

C.Virtual Desktop Agent

D.Desktop Delivery Controller


Answer: C






Citrix 1Y0-A17 : Practice Test

What should an administrator edit to prevent the Desktop Receiver window of inactive desktops from dimming when users connect to multiple desktops at once ?


A.ADM Template

B.Product default rules

C.Desktop Receiver registry

D.Administrator override rules


Answer: C




Which action should an administrator take to increase the amount of time an endpoint device stays connected to a virtual desktop to 48 hours if there is no input from the user?


A.Disable the disconnect timer.

B.Update the connection idle timer

C.Update the max connection timer.

D.Update Session Reliability idle time out

E.Use the default setting for the connection idle timer


Answer: B


< font color="#000000">QUESTION 35


After installation Desktop Delivery Controller using the default configuration option, virtual desktops are unable to register successfully with the server. Which two terms should an administrator confirm in order to reach a solution? (Choose two)


A.The Web Interface is running on the Desktop Delivery Controller
B.The Desktop Delivery Controller is a member of the controllers Security group.
C.The Firewall on the desktop Delivery controller is configured to allow outgoing traffic on port 80.

D.The firewall on the Desktop Delivery Controller is configured to allow incoming traffic on port 8080.


Answer: B,D






Citrix 1Y0-A17 : Practice Test

Which two fields must an administrator configure the bootstrap settings to use when configuring Provisioning Services for PXE in a XenDesktop environment? (Choose two)


B.Subnet Mask


C.MAC Address


D.Desktop Delivery Controller IP Address




Answer: A




Which issue can the Profile Management feature address in a XenDesktop implementation?


A.Inability of users to stch between multiple profiles
B.Inability of settings to be saved against mandatory profiles
C.Profile bloat because extraneous files are copied to the profile
D.Printing failure because printer properties are not updated at each logon


Answer: C




An administrator is creating a virtual machine (VM) for a XenDesktop environment and needs to specify a farm for the VM. In which two places can the administrator specify the farm? (Choose two)


A.The properties of the desired farm

B.The new VM wizard used to create the VM

C.The Desktop Delivery Controller Farm GUID policy
D.The installation process of the Virtual Desktop Agent


Answer: C,D






Citrix 1Y0-A17 : Practice Test

A user needs to access a virtual desktop from a Macintosh laptop on the corporate network for the first time Click the `Task’ button to place the steps to access the wtual desktop from a Macintosh laptop in the correct order Click the `Exhibit’ button for What is the correct order of steps to access the virtuaI desktop from a Macintosh laptop?










Scenario: An administrator notices that the color of the icons in a newly created virtual desktop is NOT clear. The administrator decides to check the XenDesktop properties to determine if 32-bit icon color depth is enabled. Click on the `Exhibit’ button to view a screenshot of the XenDesktop properties Which XenDesktop property does the administrator need to check to determine if 32-bit icon color depth is enabled?




Citrix 1Y0-A17 : Practice Test






C.Browser Acceleration

D.Connection Access Controls


Answer: B


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