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Implementing Cisco Video Network Devices v1.0

Question No: 121 – (Topic 5)

A customer is looking for a Cisco TelePresence Immersive System that is designed for at least seven participants. Which two products meet this customer#39;s requirements? (Choose two.)

  1. Cisco TelePresence CTS3022

  2. Cisco TelePresence TX9000

  3. Cisco TelePresence TX9200

  4. Cisco TelePresence IX5000

  5. Cisco TelePresence IX5200

  6. Cisco TelePresence TX1310-65

Answer: C,E

Question No: 122 – (Topic 5)

An engineer is configuring a Cisco TelePresence System endpoint for use with a maximum of six people in the room. Which table type should be configured when setting up cameras where two participants directly face the endpoint display?

  1. short racetrack

  2. long racetrack

  3. short rectangle

  4. long rectangle

Answer: A

Question No: 123 – (Topic 5)

An end user reports that the video they are receiving from a CTS-500 is showing a heavy blue tint. The room sending the video uses indoor artificial lighting. Which procedure must be performed to resolve the issue?

  1. camera focus balance calibration

  2. camera brightness mode: indoor

  3. camera auto adjustment

  4. camera auto adjust room environment

  5. camera temperature map adjustment

Answer: C

Question No: 124 – (Topic 5)

What is the main difference between a Cisco TelePresence Multipoint Control Unit and a Cisco TelePresence Multipoint Switch?

  1. The Cisco TelePresence Multipoint Control Unit is a hardware bridge. The Cisco TelePresence Multipoint Switch is a software bridge.

  2. The Cisco TelePresence Multipoint Control Unit is a software bridge for immersive and non-immersive endpoints. The Cisco TelePresence Multipoint Switch is a hardware bridge for non-immersive endpoints.

  3. The Cisco TelePresence Multipoint Control Unit delivers automatic voice-activated switching. The Cisco TelePresence Multipoint Switch provides active presence.

  4. The Cisco TelePresence Multipoint Control Unit has a latency of less than 10 ms, whereas the Cisco TelePresence Multipoint Switch has a latency of 100 ms.

Answer: A

Question No: 125 – (Topic 5)

An engineer is receiving several Cisco TMS email alerts for system phonebooks that are not updating. Which menu path should the engineer use to suppress these Cisco TMS email alerts?

  1. TMS gt; Clear this ticket

  2. TMS gt; SMTP settings

  3. TMS gt; Manage ticket error levels

  4. TMS gt; Ticket management

  5. TMS gt; Email notification settings

Answer: C

Question No: 126 – (Topic 5)

Which two video endpoints can you set back to factory reset by using physical button presses? (Choose two.)

  1. Cisco TelePresence C40

  2. Cisco TelePresence EX90

  3. Cisco TelePresence C60

  4. Cisco TelePresence SX20

  5. Cisco TelePresence C90

Answer: B,D

Question No: 127 – (Topic 5)

Which function does a Cisco TCS recording alias perform?

  1. It links recorded media to a specified output location.

  2. It provides a dialable alias that will trigger a TCS recording workflow.

  3. It sends media to Cisco Medianet.

  4. It provides an alias for the recorded filename.

Answer: B

Question No: 128 – (Topic 5)

A customer wants to purchase a video endpoint that supports a touchscreen control. The engineer recommends a Cisco TelePresence MX300 endpoint. Which information about this endpoint should the engineer tell the customer?

  1. The endpoint comes with the 8-inch touchscreen by default. You can purchase the 10- inch touchscreen with an additional cost.

  2. The endpoint comes with the 8-inch touchscreen by default. You do not have the option to purchase the 10-inch touchscreen.

  3. You can purchase the endpoint with either the 8-inch touchscreen or the 10-inch touchscreen. You need an additional option key for the 10-inch touchscreen.

  4. The endpoint comes with the 10-inch touchscreen by default. You do not have the

option to purchase the endpoint with the 8-inch touchscreen.

Answer: D

Question No: 129 – (Topic 5)

A user is currently on a Cisco TelePresence call using a Touch 8 device and would like to change the local screen layout so that the active speaker is in full screen and the other participants are smaller within the picture. Which layout option should the user choose?

  1. Prominent

  2. Overlay

  3. PiP

  4. FullScreen

Answer: B

Question No: 130 – (Topic 5)

Which three items should be considered when restoring a backup to a Cisco VCS Expressway? (Choose three.)

  1. A restart is required to complete the system restore process.

  2. If the backup file is encrypted, an encryption password will be needed.

  3. A valid backup configuration file must be accessible.

  4. A function SFTP server is needed for remote restore.

  5. The VCS expressway must be put into maintenance mode during the upgrade.

  6. A flash drive that is connected to the appliance can be used to restore the configuration.

  7. Cisco TMSXE can be used to process and restore backups.

Answer: A,B,C

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