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Implementing Cisco Secure Access Solutions

Question No: 131

Which option describes the purpose of configuring Native Supplicant Profile on the Cisco ISE?

  1. It helps employees add and manage new devices by entering the MAC address for the device.

  2. It is used to register personal devices on the network.

  3. It enforces the use of MSCHAPv2 or EAP-TLS for 802.1X authentication.

  4. It provides posture assessments and remediation for devices that are attempting to gain access to the corporate network.

Answer: C

Question No: 132

A network administrator must enable which protocol to utilize EAP-Chaining?


  2. EAP-TLS

  3. MSCHAPv2

  4. PEAP

Answer: A

Question No: 133

An engineer of Company A wants to know what kind of devices are connecting to the network. Which service can be enabled on the Cisco ISE node?

  1. central web authentication

  2. posture

  3. MAB

  4. profiling

Answer: D Explanation:

Cisco ISE Profiling Services provides dynamic detection and classification of endpoints connected to the

network.Using MAC addresses as the unique identifier, ISE collects various attributes for each network endpoint to build an internal endpoint database.

Question No: 134

Which feature must you configure on a switch to allow it to redirect wired endpoints to Cisco ISE?

  1. the http secure-server command

  2. RADIUS Attribute 29

  3. the RADIUS VSA for accounting


Answer: A

Question No: 135

Which two identity databases are supported when PEAP-MSCHAPv2 is used as EAP type? (Choose two.)

  1. Windows Active Directory

  2. LDAP

  3. RADIUS token server

  4. internal endpoint store

  5. internal user store

  6. certificate authentication profile

  7. RSA SecurID

Answer: A,E

Question No: 136

When you select Centralized Web Auth in the ISE Authorization Profile, which component hosts the web authentication portal?

  1. the endpoints

  2. the WLC

  3. the access point

  4. the switch

  5. ISE

Answer: E

Question No: 137

Which statement about the CAK is true?

  1. It is the master key that generates the other keys that MACsec requires.

  2. Failed MACsec connections fall back to MAB by default.

  3. It is the key that is used to discover MACsec peers and perform key negotiation between the peers.

  4. It is the secret key that encrypts traffic during the connection.

  5. It is the key that is used to negotiate session encryption keys.

Answer: A

Question No: 138

In this simulation, you are task to examine the various authentication events using the ISE GUI. For example, you should see events like Authentication succeeded. Authentication failed and etc…

Ensurepass 2017 PDF and VCE

Ensurepass 2017 PDF and VCE

Which two statements are correct regarding the event that occurred at 2014-05-07 00:16:55.393? (Choose two.)

  1. The failure reason was user entered the wrong username.

  2. The supplicant used the PAP authentication method.

  3. The username entered was it1.

  4. The user was authenticated against the Active Directory then also against the ISE interal user database and both fails.

  5. The NAS switch port where the user connected to has a MAC address of


  6. The user is being authenticated using 802.1X.

  7. The user failed the MAB.

  8. The supplicant stopped responding to ISE which caused the failure.

Answer: C,F Explanation:

Event Details:

Ensurepass 2017 PDF and VCE

Ensurepass 2017 PDF and VCE


Question No: 139

Which debug command on a Cisco WLC shows the reason that a client session was terminated?

  1. debug dot11 state enable

  2. debug dot1x packet enable

  3. debug client mac addr

  4. debug dtls event enable

  5. debug ap enable cisco ap

Answer: C

Question No: 140

Within a BYOD environment, when employees add devices using the My Devices Portal, which Identity Group does Cisco ISE add the endpoints to?

  1. Registered

  2. Employee

  3. Guest

  4. Profiled

Answer: A

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