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IBM Mobile Customer Engagement Sales Mastery Test v1

Question No: 1

How often do mobile users keep their device near them?

A. 75%

B. 91%

C. 50%

D. 25%

Answer: B

Explanation: 91% of the mobile users keep their device within arm’s reach 100% of the time.

Question No: 2

Does a user have to quot;opt inquot; to receive a notification in the browser inbox?

  1. Yes, users must opt in.

  2. No, users do not have to opt in.

  3. Yes, users must opt in and also download the mobile app.

  4. Users cannot receive notifications in a browser inbox.

Answer: B

Explanation: Inbox-Only Notifications

Deliver rich push messages without interrupting users.

These messages can be delivered even if a user has not opted into push.

Question No: 3

IBM Xtify for Web Push can work across which types of browsers?

  1. Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox only.

  2. Any browser that has HTML 5 or above.

  3. Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome only.

  4. Google Chrome and Apple Safari only.

Answer: B Explanation: Web Push

All browsers, All devices, All OS Versions

Question No: 4

Which of the following rules can be set to trigger messages?

  1. User location, user preference, user behavior, day and time

  2. User location and user preference only

  3. User location, day and time only

  4. User location and user behavior only

Answer: A

Question No: 5

The analytics portal allows viewing of messages based on which of the following?

  1. Date range

  2. Application

  3. Configuration

  4. All of the above

Answer: D

Question No: 6

Which of the following notifications allows an app user to receive a graphic image?

  1. Simple notification

  2. Visual notification

  3. Rich notification

  4. Complex notification

Answer: C

Explanation: Rich notification enables HTML 5 message.

Question No: 7

What is the Inbox feature designed to do?

  1. Provide rich push storage and placement

  2. Avoid interrupting mobile users

  3. Increase response rates

  4. All of the above

Answer: B

Explanation: Inbox-Only Notifications Deliver rich push messages

without interrupting users. These messages can be delivered even if a user has not opted into push

Question No: 8

What is the selling style of IBM Xtify?

  1. Aggressive

  2. Consultative

  3. Misinformed

  4. Weak

Answer: B

Question No: 9

Who are the typical target decision makers to buy IBM Xtify?

  1. Loyalty, CRM, E-commerce and Mobile Teams

  2. CEO and CTO

  3. CEO and CMO

  4. CEO only

Answer: C

Explanation: A chief marketing officer (CMO) is a corporate executive responsible for marketing activities in an organization.

Question No: 10

What mobile platforms are available for IBM Xtify?

  1. iOS, Windows. Android, Symbian only

  2. iOS. Windows. Android, Blackberry only

  3. iOS and Android only

  4. iOS. Android, and Windows only

Answer: B

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