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LPI Level 1 Exam 101, Junior Level Linux Certification, Part 1 of 2

Question No: 31 – (Topic 2)

Which RPM command will output the name of the package which supplied the file


  1. rpm -F /etc/exports

  2. rpm -qf /etc/exports

  3. rpm -Kl /etc/exports

  4. rpm -qp /etc/exports

  5. rpm -qi/etc/exports

Answer: B

Question No: 32 – (Topic 2)

Which of the following commands lists the dependencies of a given dpkg package?

  1. apt-cache depends-onpackage

  2. apt-cache dependencies package

  3. apt-cache depends package

  4. apt-cache requires package

Answer: C

Question No: 33 – (Topic 2)

Which function key is used to start Safe Mode in Windows NT?

  1. F10

  2. F8

  3. F6

  4. Windows NT does not support Safe Mode

Answer: D

Question No: 34 – (Topic 2)

Which of the following commands is used to update the list of available packages when using dpkg based package management?

  1. apt-get update

  2. apt-get upgrade

  3. apt-cache update

  4. apt-get refresh

  5. apt-cache upgrade

Answer: A

Question No: 35 CORRECT TEXT – (Topic 2)

In which directory must definition files be placed to add additional repositories to yum?

Answer: /etc/yum.repos.d, /etc/yum.repos.d/, yum.repos.d, yum.repos.d/

Question No: 36 CORRECT TEXT – (Topic 2)

Which option to the yum command will update the entire system? (Specify ONLY the option name without any additional parameters.)

Answer: update, upgrade

Question No: 37 CORRECT TEXT – (Topic 2)

Which Debian package management tool asks the configuration questions for a specific already installed package just as if the package were being installed for the first time? (Specify ONLY the command without any path or parameters.)

Answer: dpkg-reconfigure

Question No: 38 CORRECT TEXT – (Topic 2)

Which command will disable swapping on a device? (Specify ONLY the command without any path or parameters.)

Answer: swapoff, /sbin/swapoff

Topic 3, GNU and Unix Commands

Question No: 39 – (Topic 3)

Which of the following commands kills the process with the PID 123 but allows the process

to quot;clean upquot; before exiting?

  1. kill -PIPE 123

  2. kill -KILL 123

  3. kill -STOP 123

  4. kill -TERM 123

Answer: D

Question No: 40 – (Topic 3)

In Bash, inserting 1gt;amp;2 after a command redirects

  1. standard error to standard input.

  2. standard input to standard error.

  3. standard output to standard error.

  4. standard error to standard output.

  5. standard output to standard input.

Answer: C

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