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Question 141

A network technician is attempting to connect a new host to existing manufacturing equipment on an Ethernet network. The technician is having issues trying to establish communication between the old equipment and the new host. The technician checks the cabling for breaks and finds that the CAT3 cable in use is in perfect condition. Which of the following should the technician check to ensure the new host will connect?


A. Confirm the new host is using 10GBaseSR due to the manufacturing environment

B. Confirm the new host is compatible with 10BaseT Ethernet

C. Confirm the existing 10Base2 equipment is using the proper frame type

D. Confirm that CSMA/CD is disabled on the Ethernet network Correct Answer: B


The question states that the equipment is old and that CAT3 cabling is being used.

10BaseT Ethernet networks are old and slow by today’s standards. 10BaseT Ethernet networks use CAT3 UTP cabling and offer a maximum bandwidth of just 10Mpbs.

A new host computer nowadays will have a network card that supports 1000Mpbs to be used with CAT5, CAT5e or CAT6 network cables in a 1000BaseT network. In this question, we need to check that the network card on the new host computer is backward-compatible with the old 10BaseT network.



Question 142

A service provider is unable to maintain connectivity to several remote sites at predetermined speeds. The service provider could be in violation of the:






Correct Answer: B


SLA stands for Service Level Agreement. This is a common document in business used to define a minimum standard of service that a customer can expect from a supplier. SLA’s are particularly common in the I.T. sector where a service provider is offering a service to a customer. As a customer, you want your hosted services and Internet or WAN connections to be available all the time. SLAs often guarantee 99.9% uptime for a service.

In this question, the service provider is providing WAN links to remote sites with a guaranteed bandwidth on the WAN links. A failure to maintain the connectivity to the remote sites would be a   violation of the Service Level Agreement (SLA).



Question 143

A customer has engaged a company to improve the availability of all of the customer’s services and applications, enabling the customer to minimize downtime to a few hours per quarter. Which of the following will document the scope of the activities the company will provide to the customer, including the intended outcomes?






Correct Answer: C


SOW stands for Statement of Work. When a company has been hired for a project that involves many tasks, a statement of work is often issued at the start of the project.

The SOW will outline the tasks or activities in a project, their costs and the timelines for deliverables within the project. In an IT project, the SOW would define what tasks will be performed (hardware and software upgrades etc.), why the work is being done and how long each stage of the project will take.



Question 144

A technician has prolonged contact with a thermal compound. Which of the following resources should be consulted?






Correct Answer: B


MSDS stands for Material Safety Data Sheet. An MSDS is a health and safety document that contains information on the potential hazards of working with a chemical product and how to work safely with the chemical product.

In this question, the thermal compound is a chemical product so the MSDS will provide information about the effects of prolonged contact with the thermal compound.



Question 145

An organization is moving to a new datacenter. During the move, several technicians raise concerns about a system that could potentially remove oxygen from the server room and result in suffocation. Which of the following systems are they MOST likely discussing?


A. Fire suppression

B. Mantraps at the entry


D. UPS and battery backups

Correct Answer: A


Fire suppression systems are often deployed in server rooms to prevent a fire destroying all the E. T. equipment. Different fire suppression systems work in different ways. Obviously a fire suppression system that sprays water onto the fire is no good for a server room as the water would do as much damage as the fire. A common fire suppression system used in server rooms is one that suppresses the fire by starving it of oxygen. One way the oxygen can be removed from the server room is to fill the server room with an inert gas such as carbon dioxide.



Question 146

Which of the following describes an area containing a rack that is used to connect customer equipment to a service provider?


A. 110 block




Correct Answer: B


MDF stands for Main Distribution Frame. A Main Distribution Frame is a commonly a long steel rack accessible from both sides. On one side of the rack is cabling that connects the service provider’s network. The other side of the rack is for the connections to the customer’s equipment.



Question 147

In an engineering office, all plotters are configured via static IP. Which of the following best practices will alleviate many issues if equipment moves are required? (Select TWO).


A. Rack monitoring

B. Device placement

C. Wall pl
ate labeling

D. Room numbering

E. Patch panel labeling

Correct Answer: CE


By labeling each wall plate (where the plotters’ network cables plug in to) and the patch panel ports (where the cables connecting to each wall plate terminate), we’ll be able to see which device is connected to which port. If equipment moves are required, we will be able to easily see which patch cables need to be moved in the patch panel.



Question 148

A network technician is attempting to locate a switch connected to the fourth floor west side of the building. Which of the following will allow quick identification of the switch, when looking at a logical diagram?


A. Building layout

B. Patch panel labeling

C. Packet sniffing

D. Naming conventions

Correct Answer: D


The building in this question has several floors and the floors are large enough to be identified by area such as `west side’ etc. It is likely that a logical diagram of the network in such a building would be quite complicated and the network is likely to have several switches.

A naming convention is a standard for naming items, in this case, networking components. When it comes to naming switches, using names like Switch1, Switch2 etc. for example won’t help when you need to know where the switches are located.

In a building with multiple floors with each floor large enough to be defined by area names, you could a naming convention like SW1-FL4-WS where SW1 identifies the item as a Switch with the number 1, FL4 identifies the location as Floor 4 and WS further identifies the location as West Side. Using this convention, switch number 2 on the third floor east side would be named SW2- FL3-ES.



Question 149

Which of the following does a network technician need to implement if a change is unsuccessful within the approved maintenance window?


A. Configuration procedures

B. Stakeholder notification

C. Impact analysis

D. Rollback procedure

Correct Answer: D


A rollback procedure is something that should be documented in a change management document. In this question, the network technician has made a change during a maintenance window. The change has not worked so the technician needs to `undo’ the change he made to revert the system back to its previous state. The network technician can then investigate why the change has not worked as expected.

The rollback procedure is the list of steps required to undo the changes made to the system.



Question 150

Which of the following is true about the main difference between a web session that uses port 80 and one that uses port 443?


A. Port 80 web sessions often use application-level encryption, while port 443 sessions often use transport-level encryption.

B. Port 80 web session cannot use encryption, while port 443 sessions are encrypted using web certificates.

C. Port 80 web sessions can use web application proxies, while port 443 sessions cannot traverse web application proxies.

D. Port 80 web sessions are prone to man-in-the-middle attacks, while port 443 sessions are immune from man-in-the-middle attacks.

Correct Answer: D


HTTPS stands for HTTP over SSL or HTTP Secure. It is used for secure access to websites. Port 80 web sessions are HTTP (HyperText Transfer Protocol) sessions which offers no security. Port 443 web sessions use HTTPS. HTTPS uses SSL or TLS to encrypt the HTTP traffic.

HTTPS provides authentication of the website and associated web server that you are communicating with, which protects against man-in-the-middle attacks. Additionally, it provides bidirectional encryption of communications between a client and server, which protects against eavesdropping and tampering with and/or forging the contents of the communication.


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