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Question 181

Question oS operates at which of the following OSI model layers? (Select TWO)


A. Layer 1


B. Layer 2

C. Layer 3

D. Layer 5

E. Layer 7

Correct Answer: BC



Question 182

A client reports that half of the marketing department is unable to access network resources. The technician determines that the switch has failed and needs to replace it. Which of the following would be the MOST helpful in regaining connectivity?


A. VLAN configuration

B. Network diagram

C. Configuration backup

D. Router image

Correct Answer: C



Question 183

Ann, a system administrator, is troubleshooting an issue with a DNS server. She notices that the security logs have filled up and that they need to be cleared from the event viewer. She recalls this being a daily occurrence. Which of the following solutions would BEST resolve this problem?


A. Increase the maximum log size

B. Log into the DNS server every hour to check if the logs are full

C. Install an event management tool

D. Delete the logs when full

Correct Answer: C





Question 184

Which of the following protocols were designed to avoid loops on a Layer 2 network? (Select TWO)



B. RIPv2

C. 802.1q

D. Spanning tree

E. 802.1d

F. Question oS

Correct Answer: DE



Question 185

While implementing wireless access points into the network, one building is having connectivity issues due to light fixtures being replaced in the ceiling, while all other buildings’ connectivity is performing as expected. Which of the following should be exchanged on the access points installed in the building with connectivity issues?


A. UTP patch cables

B. Antenna

C. Power adapter

D. Security standard

Correct Answer: B



Question 186

A technician is attempting to resolve an issue with users on the network not being able to access websites. The technician pings the default gateway and DNS servers successfully. Pinging a website by URL is unsuccessful but using a known IP address is successful. Which of the following will resolve the issue?


A. Update the HOST file with the URLs for all websites

B. Use NSLOOKUP to resolve URLs

C. Ensure ICMP messages can pass through the firewall

D. Enable port 53 on the firewall

Correct Answer: D



Question 187

The Chief Information Officer (CIO) of an organization is concerned that the current locally- hosted, software threat solution is not agile enough. The CIO points to specific examples of zero- day threats that have recently taken a day or more to receive patches. The IT team is tasked with finding a solution that has a better chance of stopping emerging threats and stopping zero-day threats more quickly. Which of the following solutions would have the BEST chance of meeting these goals?


A. Stateful firewall

B. Premise-based IDS

C. Host-based IDS

D. Cloud-based anti-malware

Correct Answer: A





Question 188

A network technician was tasked to install a network printer and share it to a group of five human resource employees. The technician plugged the device into a LAN jack, but was unable to obtain an IP address automatically. Which of the following is the cause of the problem?



B. Wrong TCP port

C. Split horizon

D. DHCP scope

  Correct Answer: D





Question 189

A technician is configuring a computer lab at a school. The computers need to be able to communicate with each other, but students using the computers should not be able to access the internet. Which of the following rules on the firewall should the technician configure for the lab computers?


A. Block all LAN to LAN traffic

B. Block all LAN to WAN traffic

C. Block all WAN to LAN traffic

D. Block all WLAN to WAN traffic

Correct Answer: C





Question 190

A network administrator is noticing slow responds times from the server to hosts on the network. After adding several new hosts, the administrator realizes that CSMA/CD results in network slowness due to congestion at the server NIC. Which of the following should the network administrator do to correct the issue?


A. Add a honeypot to reduce traffic to the server

B. Update the Ethernet drivers to use 802.3

C. Add additional network cards to the server

D. Disable CSMA/CD on the network

Correct Answer: C




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