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Question 191

A technician wants to update the organization’s disaster recovery plans. Which of the following will allow network devices to be replaced quickly in the event of a device failure?


A. Vendor documentation

B. Archives/backups

C. Proper asset tagging and labeling

D. Network Baseline

Correct Answer: B





Question 192

A user is unable to connect to a server in another building. A technician is troubleshooting the issue and determines the following:


1. Client PC 1 has an IP address if

2. PC 1 can successfully ping its gateway of which is an interface of router A

3. Server A is named ‘BLDGBFILESRVR01’ and has an IP address of

4. PC 2 with an IP address of can successfully ping server A


However, when PC 1 pings server A, it receives a destination host unreachable responds. Which of the following is the MOST likely cause?


A. Link from touter A to PC 1 are on different subnets

B. Link from router A to server A is down

C. Link from PC 1 to router A has duplex issues

D. Link from server A top PC 2 is down

Correct Answer: A



Question 193

A company is having a new T1 line installed. Which of the following will the connection MOST likely terminate to?


A. Core switch


C. Ethernet router


Correct Answer: B



Question 194

A technician wants to implement a network for testing remote devices before allowing them to connect to the corporate network. Which of the following could the technician implement?


A. High availability

B. MAN network

C. Question uarantine

D. Honeynet

Correct Answer: C



Question 195

Which of the following broadband WAN technologies would MOST likely be used to connect several remote branches that have no fiber or satellite connections?


A. OC12


C. WiMax

D. OC3

Correct Answer: B



Question 196

A technician is troubleshooting a PC that is having intermittent connectivity issues. The technician notices that the STP cables pairs are not completely twisted near the connector. Which of the following is the issue?


A. Cross-talk

B. 568A/568B mismatch

C. Tx/Rx reverse

D. Split pairs

Correct Answer: A



Question 197

Which of the following can be issued from the command line to find the layer 3 hops to a remote destination?


A. traceroute

B. nslookup

C. ping

D. netstat

Correct Answer: A



Question 198

A administrator’s network has OSPF for the internal routing protocol and has two interfaces that continue to flap. The administrator reviews the following output:


Fast ethernet 0 is up, line protocol is up


Int ip address is


MTU 1500 bytes, BW10000 kbit, DLY 100 usec


Reliability 255/255, Tx load 1/255, Rx load 1/255


Encapsulation ospf, loopback not set


Keep alive 10


Full duplex, 100Mb/s, 100Base Tx/Fx


Received 1052993 broadcasts


1258 input errors


983881 packet output, 768588 bytes


1747 output errors, 0 collisions, 423 resets


Which of the following problems would cause the interface flap?


A. Wrong IP address

B. Loopback not set

C. Bad wire

D. Incorrect encapsulation

E. Duplex mismatch

Correct Answer: E



Question 199

Which of the following allows a telecommunication company to test circuits to customers remotely?



B. Toner Probe


D. Smart Jack


Correct Answer: D



Question 200

A single mode fiber is no longer providing network connectivity to a remote site. Which of the following would be used to identify the location of the break?




C. Media converter

D. Cable certifier

Correct Answer: B


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