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Question 201

Users are reporting extreme slowness across the network every Friday. Which of the following should the network technician review first to narrow down the root cause of the problem?


A. Baseline

B. Bottleneck

C. Utilization

D. Link status

Correct Answer: C



Question 202

A contractor was hired to troubleshoot congestion issues on the network. After a few of the switches have been reconfigured/upgraded by the contractor, congestion worsens and collisions increase. Which of the following is the BEST action to alleviate the situation?


A. Allow the contractor to reset switches to factory defaults

B. Check the cabling on all switches for improper crossover use

C. Document the changes that were made

D. Downgrade firmware and restore backup configuration

Correct Answer: D



Question 203

An organization is involved in a civil court action and needs to ensure email messages are retained. Which of the following describes the requirement to archive and retain email traffic and other correspondence?


A. Chain of custody

B. Legal hold

C. Divide and conquer

D. Persistent agents

Correct Answer: B



Question 204

In the past, a company has experienced several network breaches as a result of end-user actions. To help mitigate future breaches, which of the following documents should the security team ensure are up-to-date and enforced for all employees? (Select TWO)


A. Memorandum of understanding

B. Data classification document

C. Service level agreement

D. Interconnection security agreement

E. Consent to monitor

F. Acceptable use policy

Correct Answer: AF



Question 205

The Chief Information Officer (CIO) wants to improve the security of the company’s data. Which of the following is a management control that should be implemented to ensure employees are using encryption to transmit sensitive information?


A. Policies



D. Standards

Correct Answer: A



Question 206

A client reports that half of the office is unable to access a shared resource. Which of the following should be used to troubleshoot the issue?


A. Data backups

B. Network diagrams

C. Baseline information

D. Vendor documentation

Correct Answer: B



Question 207

An administrator needs to set up a space in the office where co-workers can relax. The administrator sets up several TV’s with interconnected gaming systems in the office. Which of the following did the administrator set up?






Correct Answer: A



Question 208

Channel bonding will improve which of the following wireless characteristics?


A. Signal strength

B. Encryption strength

C. Coverage area

D. Connection speed

Correct Answer: D



Question 209

Users have reported poor network performance. A technician suspects a user may have maliciously flooded the network with ping request. Which of the following should the technician implement to avoid potential occurrences from happening in the future?


A. Block all ICMP request

B. Update all antivirus software

C. Remove all suspected users from the network

D. Upgrade firmware on all network cards

Correct Answer: A



Question 210

A network technician is troubleshooting a network connection error, when pinging the default gateway no reply is received. The default gateway is found to be functioning properly but cannot connect to any workstations. At which of the following OSI layers could the problem exist? (Select TWO)


A. Presentation

B. Transport

C. Session

D. Data link

E. Application

F. Physical

Correct Answer: DF


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