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Question 211

A technician has determined the most likely cause of an issue and implement a solution. Which of the following is the NEXT step that should be taken?


A. Document the findings, actions, and outcomes

B. Duplicate the problem if possible

C. Verify system functionality

D. Make an archival backup

Correct Answer: C



Question 212

An administrator has a physical server with a single NIC. The server needs to deploy two virtual machines. Each virtual machine needs two NIC’s, one that connects to the network, and a second that is a server to server heartbeat connection between the two virtual machines. After deploying the virtual machines, which of the following should the administrator do to meet these requirements?


A. The administrator should create a virtual switch for each guest. The switches should be configured for inter-switch links and the primary NIC should have a NAT to the corporate network

B. The administrator should create a virtual switch that is bridged to the corporate network and a second virtual switch that carries intra-VM communication only

C. The administrator should create a virtual switch to bridge all of the connections to the network.

The virtual heartbeat NICs should be set to addresses in an unused range

D. The administrator should install a second physical NIC onto the host, and then connect each guest machine’s NICs to a dedicated physical NIC

Correct Answer: C



Question 213

A network technician is asked to redesign an Ethernet network before new monitoring software is added to each host on the network. The new software will broadcast statistics from each host to a monitoring host for each of the five departments in the company. The added network traffic is a concern of management that must be addressed. Which of the following solutions should the technician design into the new network?


A. Place each department in a separate VLAN

B. Add a router and create a segment for all the monitoring host stations

C. Increase the number of switches on the network to reduce broadcasts

D. Increase the collision domain to compensate for the added broadcasts Correct Answer: A



Question 214

A company has added several new employees, which has caused the network traffic to increase by 200%. The network traffic increase from the new employees was only expected to be 20% to 30%. The administration suspects that the network may have been compromised. Which of the following should the network administrator have done previously to minimize the possibility of a network breach?


A. Create VLANs to segment the network traffic

B. Place a network sniffer on segments with new employees

C. Provide end user awareness and training for employees

D. Ensure best practices were implemented when creating new user accounts Correct Answer: C



Question 215

A network technician discovers an issue with spanning tree on the core switch. Which of the following troubleshooting steps should the network technician perform NEXT to resolve the issue?


A. Test a theory to determine the cause

B. Escalate to a senior technician

C. Identify the symptoms

D. Establish a theory of probable cause

E. Establish a plan of action

Correct Answer: D



Question 216

Which of the following would be the BEST addition to a business continuity plan that would protect business from a catastrophic event such as a fire, tornado, or earthquake?


A. UPS and battery backups

B. Fire suppression systems

C. Building generator

D. Hot sites or cold sites

E. NAS and tape backups

Correct Answer: D



Question 217

A network technician has created a network consisting of an external internet connection, a DMZ, an internal private network, and an administrative network. All routers and switches should be configured to accept SSH connections from which of the following network segments?


A. The internal network since it is private

B. The admin private network allowing only admin access

C. The DMZ only allowing access from the segment with the servers

D. The internet connection to allow admin access from anywhere Correct Answer: B



Question 218

A network technician needs to monitor the network to find a user that is browsing inappropriate websites. Which of the following would the technician use to view the website and find the user browsing it?




B. A top listener tool

C. An intrusion detection system

D. A packet sniffer

Correct Answer: D



Question 219

A network administrator receives a call asking for assistance with connecting to the network. The user asks for the IP address, subnet class, and VLAN required to access the network. This describes whic
h of the following attacks?


A. Social engineering

B. Spoofing

C. Zero-day attack

D. VLAN hopping

Correct Answer: A



Question 220

Which of the following cloud infrastructure designs includes on premise servers utilizing a centralized syslog server that is hosted at a third party organization for review?


A. Hybrid

B. Public

C. Community

D. Private

Correct Answer: A


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