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Question 221

A new threat is hiding traffic by sending TLS-encrypted traffic outbound over random ports. Which of the following technologies would be able to detect and block this traffic?


A. Intrusion detection system

B. Application aware firewall

C. Stateful packet inspection

D. Stateless packet inspection

Correct Answer: C



Question 222

The network administrator is configuring a switch port for a file server with a dual NIC. The file server needs to be configured for redundancy and both ports on the NIC need to be combined for maximum throughput. Which of the following features on the switch should the network administrator use?




C. Spanning tree

D. Load balancing

Correct Answer: B



Question 223

A network technician is using telnet to connect to a router on a network that has been compromised. A new user and password has been added to the router with full rights. The technician is concerned that the regularly used administrator account has been compromised. After changing the password on all networking devices, which of the following should the technician perform to prevent the password for the administrator account from being sniffed on the network?


A. Use SNMPv1 for all configurations involving the router

B. Ensure the password is 10 characters, containing letter and numbers

C. Copy all configurations to routers using TFTP for secuirty

D. Only allow administrators to access routers using port 22 Correct Answer: D



Question 224

A network technician has configured a point-to-point interface on a router, however, once the fiber optic cables have been run, the interface will not come up. The technician has cleaned the fiber connectors and used an optical power meter to confirm that light is passing in both directions without excessive loss. Which of the following is the MOST likely cause?


A. Distance limitation

B. Wavelength mismatch

C. cross-talk


E. Macro bend

Correct Answer: B



Question 225

A network administrator wants to deploy a wireless network in a location that has too much RF interference at 2.4 GH
z. Which of the following standards requires the use of 5 GHz band wireless transmissions? (Select TWO)


A. 802.11a

B. 802.11ac

C. 802.11b

D. 802.11g

E. 802.11n

Correct Answer: AB



Question 226

Upon arrival at work, an administrator is informed that network users cannot access the file server. The administrator logs onto the server and sees the updates were automatically installed and the network connection shows limited and no availability. Which of the following needs to be rolled back?


A. The browser on the server

B. The server’s NIC drivers

C. The server’s IP address

D. The antivirus updates

Correct Answer: B



Question 227

A network engineer is conducting an assessment for a customer that wants to implement an 802.11n wireless network. Before the engineer can estimate the number of WAPs needed, it is important to reference which of the following?


A. Network diagram

B. Site survey

C. Network topology

D. PoE requirements

Correct Answer: B



Question 228

Which of the following default ports is associated with protocols that are connectionless?


A. 80

B. 443

C. 2427

D. 3389

Correct Answer: C



Question 229

A company is implementing enhanced user authentication for system administrators accessing the company’s confidential servers. Which of the following would be the BEST example of two- factor authentication?


A. ID badge and keys

B. Password and key fob

C. fingerprint scanner and retina scan

D. Username and password

Correct Answer: B



Question 230

A company that was previously running on a wired network is performing office-wide upgrades. A department with older desktop PC’s that do not have wireless capabilities must be migrated to the new network, ensuring that all computers are operating on a single network. Assuming CAT5e cables are available, which of the following network devices should a network technician use to connect all the devices to the wireless network?


A. Wireless bridge

B. VPN concentrator

C. Default WAP

D. Wireless router

Correct Answer: D


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