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Question 231

Which of the following integrity security mechanisms ensures that a sent message has been received intact, by the intended receiver?






Correct Answer: A



Question 232

A technician installs a new piece of hardware and now needs to add the device to the network management tool database. However, when adding the device to the tool using SNMP credentials, the tool cannot successfully interpret the results. Which of the following would need to be added to the network management tool to allow it to interpret the new device and control it using SNMP?






Correct Answer: C



Question 233

Which of the following communication technologies is used by video conferencing systems to synchronize video streams, and reduce bandwidth, sent by a central location to subscribed devices?


A. Anycast

B. Unicast

C. CoS

D. Question oS

E. Multicast

Correct Answer: E



Question 234

Which of the following is a UC application?


A. Softphone

B. Intranet

C. Proxy

D. Facsimile

Correct Answer: A



Question 235

A company is installing several APs for a new wireless system that requires users to authenticate to the domain. The network technician would like to authenticate to a central point. Which of the following would work BEST to achieve these results?


A. A TACACS+ device and a RADIUS server

B. A TACACS and a proxy server

C. A RADIUS server and an access point

D. A RADIUS server and a network controller

Correct Answer: C



Question 236

A network technician is replacing security devices that protect the DMZ for a client. The client has an application that allows external users to access the application remotely. After replacing the devices, the external users are unable to connect remotely to the application. Which of the following is MOST likely misconfigured?


A. Content filter

B. Firewall



Correct Answer: B



Question 237

A technician is dispatched to investigate sporadic network outages. After looking at the event logs of the network equipment, the technician finds that all of the equipment is restarting at the same time every day. Which of the following can the technician deploy to correct this issue?


A. Grounding bar

B. Rack monitoring


D. Air flow management

E. Surge protector

Correct Answer: C



Question 238

A network technician needs to protect IP based servers in the network DMZ from being discovered by an intruder utilizing a ping sweep. Which of the following should the technician do to protect the network from ping sweeps?


A. Block echo replies inbound to the DMZ

B. Disable UDP on the servers

C. Block ICMP at the firewall

D. Disable TCP/IP on the server

Correct Answer: C



Question 239

Which of the following 802.11g antennas broadcast an RF signal in a specific direction with a narrow path?


A. Omni-direction

B. Unidirectional

C. Patch

D. Yagi

Correct Answer: B



Question 240

A network administrator notices that the border router is having high network capacity loads during non-working hours which is causing web services outages. Which of the following is the MOST likely cause?


A. Evil twin

B. Session hijacking

C. Distributed DoS

D. ARP cache poisoning

Correct Answer: C


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