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Question 261

Which of the following types of equipment should be used for telecommunications equipment and have an open design?


A. 2/4 post racks


B. Rail Racks

C. Vertical frame

D. Ladder racks

Correct Answer: A



Question 262

A facility would like to verify each individual’s identity prior to allowing access to the datacenter. Additionally,the facility would like to ensure that users do not tailgate behind other users. Which of the following would BEST meet these goals?


A. Implement a biometric reader at the datacenter entrance and require passage through a mantrap

B. Implement a security guard at the facility entrance and a keypad on the datacenter entrance

C. Implement a CCTV camera and a proximity reader on the datacenter entrance

D. Implement a biometric reader at the facility entrance and a proximity card at the datacenter entrance

Correct Answer: A



Question 263

A network technician needs to connect two switches. The technician needs a link between them which is capable of handling 10gb. Which of the following media would be optimal for this application?


A. CAT5e cable

B. Coax cable

C. Fiber Optic cable

D. CAT6 cable

Correct Answer: C



Question 264

Joe, and administrator, is setting up three more switches in the test lab and is configuring the switches. He is verifying the connectivity but when he pings one of the switches he receives “Destination Unreachable”. Which of the following issues could this be?


A. Denial of service attack

B. Misconfigured DNS settings

C. Misconfigured Split Horizon

D. RADIUS authentication errors

Correct Answer: C



Question 265

A company is selecting a fire suppression system for their new datacenter and wants to minimize the IT system reco
very period in the event of a fire. Which of the following is the best choice for the fire suppression system?


A. Portable extinguishers

B. Wet Pipe

C. Clean Gas

D. Dry Pipe

Correct Answer: C



Question 266

Which of the following BEST describes the process of documenting everyone who has physical access or possession of evidence


A. Legal hold

B. Chain of custody

C. Secure copy protocol

D. Financial responsiblity

Correct Answer: B



Question 267

A network manager wants a monthly report of the security posture of all the assets on the network (e.g. workstations, servers, routers, switches, firewalls). The report should include any feature of a system or appliance that is missing a security patch, OS update, etc. and the severity of risk that is associated with the missing update or patch. Which of the following solutions would work BEST to present this data?


A. Security policy

B. Penetration scan

C. Virus scan

D. Vulnerability scanner

Correct Answer: D



Question 268

Which of the following is a logical host on the network where unauthorized users believe they are on the production network?


A. Virtual server


C. Honeypot

D. Virtual Terminal

Correct Answer: C



Question 269

Joe, the network manager, is leading a project to deploy a SAN. Joe is working with the vendor support technician to properly set up and configure the SAN on the network. In order to begin SAN I/O optimization, which of the following would Joe need to provide the vendor support technician?


A. Network diagrams

B. Baseline documents

C. Asset management document

D. Access to the datacenter

Correct Answer: A



Question 270

Joe, a home user, would like to share music throughout the computers in his house using a USB drive connected to a router he purchased a year ago. The manufacturer states that the router is capable of recognizing 4 TB, however, Joe is unable to get his 3TB drive to show up on the network. Which of the following should Joe perform in order to resolve this issue?


A. Load the latest hardware drivers for his USB drive

B. Install the latest OS on his computers

C. Download the latest playback software for his music files

D. Flash the latest firmware for his router

Correct Answer: D


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