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Question 271

A technician has completed a survey of a wireless network and documented signal strengths.

This document is known as which of the following?


A. Logical Network map

B. Heat map

C. Network baseline

D. Bandwidth survey

Correct Answer: B



Question 272

A network technician must allow use of HTTP from the internet to an internal resource running HTTP. This is an example of which of the following?


A. Dynamic DNS

B. Virtual Private networking (VPN)

C. Dynamic NAT

D. Port Forwarding

Correct Answer: D



Question 273

A network topology in which all nodes have point to point connections to all other nodes is known as which of the following?


A. Mesh

B. Ring

C. Bus

D. Star

Correct Answer: A



Question 274

A technician needs to install a server to authenticate remote users before they have access to corporate network resources when working from home. Which of the following servers should the technician implement?







Correct Answer: C



Question 275

While monitoring the network, a technician notices that the network traffic to one of the servers is extremely high. Which of the following should the technician use to verify if this is a concern?


A. Log management

B. Network diagram

C. Network baseline

D. Real time monitor

Correct Answer: C



Question 276

A network administrator is tasked with building a wireless network in a new adjacent building. Wireless clients should not have visibility to one another but should have visibility to the wired users. Users must seamlessly migrate between the two buildings while maintaining a connection to the LAN. Which of the following is the BEST way to configure the new wireless network in the new building?


A. Use the same SSIDs on different channels and AP isolation

B. Use different SSIDs on different channels and VLANs

C. Use different SSIDs on the same channels with VLANs

D. Use the same SSIDs on same channels with AP isolation

Correct Answer: A



Question 277

A customer is attempting to download a file from a remote FTP server, but receives an error that a connection cannot be opened. Which of the following should be one FIRST to resolve the problem?


A. Ensure that port 20 is open

B. Ensure that port 161 is open

C. Flush the DNS cache on the local workstation

D. Validate the security certificate from the host

Correct Answer: A



Question 278

OFDM, Question AM and Question PSK are all examples of which of the following wireless technologies?


A. Frequency

B. Modulation

C. RF interference

D. Spectrum

Correct Answer: B



Question 279

A network administrator is following best practices to implement firewalls, patch management and policies on the network. Which of the following should be performed to verify the security controls in place?


A. Penetration testing

B. AAA authentication testing

C. Disaster recovery testing

D. Single point of failure testing

Correct Answer: A



Question 280

Which of the following is a connectionless protocol? (Select TWO)








Correct Answer: AF


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