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Question 61

A training class is being held in an auditorium. Hard-wired connections are required for all laptops that will be used. The network technician must add a switch to the room through which the laptops will connect for full network access. Which of the following must the technician configure on a switch port, for both switches, in order to create this setup?



B. Split horizon



Correct Answer: D


We should use trunk ports to set up a VLAN for the laptops that will be used in the auditorium.

A trunk port is a port that is assigned to carry traffic for all the VLANs that are accessible by a specific switch, a process known as trunking. Trunk ports mark frames with unique identifying tags – either 802.1Question  tags or Interswitch Link (ISL) tags ?as they move between switches.

Therefore, every single frame can be directed to its designated VLAN.



Question 62

A desktop computer is connected to the network and receives an APIPA address but is unable to reach the VLAN gateway of Other PCs in the VLAN subnet are able to reach the Internet. Which of the following is MOST likely the source of the problem?


A. 802.1q is not configured on the switch port

B. APIPA has been misconfigured on the VLAN

C. Bad SFP in the PC’s 10/100 NIC

D. OS updates have not been installed

Correct Answer: A


APIPA addresses are self-configured and are used when the client is unable to get proper IP configuration from a DHCP server. One possible source of this problem is that switch port, to which the computer is connected, is misconfigured. The 802.1q protocol is used to configure VLAN trunking on switch ports.



Question 63

Which of the following communication technologies would MOST likely be used to increase bandwidth over an existing fiber optic network by combining multiple signals at different wavelengths?






Correct Answer: A


Dense wavelength-division multiplexing (DWDM) is a high-speed optical network type commonly used in MANs (metropolitan area networks). DWDM uses as many as 32 light wavelengths on a single fiber, where each wavelength can support as many as 160 simultaneous transmissions using more than eight active wavelengths per fiber.



Question 64

When two or more links need to pass traffic as if they were one physical link, which of the following would be used to satisfy the requirement?


A. Port mirroring

B. 802.1w




Correct Answer: C


The Link Aggregation Control Protocol (LACP) enables you to assign multiple physical links to a logical interface, which appears as a single link to a route processor.



Question 65

A technician is configuring a managed switch and needs to enable 802.3af. Which of the following should the technician enable?


A. PoE

B. Port bonding


D. Trunking

Correct Answer: A


Power over Ethernet (PoE) is defined by the IEEE 802.3af and 802.3at standards.

PoE allows an Ethernet switch to provide power to an attached device (for example, a wireless access point, security camera, or IP phone) by applying power to the same wires in a UTP cable that are used to transmit and receive data.



Question 66

A technician has finished configuring AAA on a new network device. However, the technician is unable to log into the device with LDAP credentials but is able to do so with a local user account. Which of the following is the MOST likely reason for the problem?


A. Username is misspelled is the device configuration file

B. IDS is blocking RADIUS

C. Shared secret key is mismatched

D. Group policy has not propagated to the device

Correct Answer: C


AAA through RADIUS uses a Server Secret Key (a shared secret key). A secret key mismatch could cause login problems.

Authentication, authorization, and accounting (AAA) allows a network to have a single repository of user credentials. A network administrator can then, for example, supply the same credentials to log in to various network devices (for example, routers and switches). RADIUS and TACACS+ are protocols commonly used to communicate with an AAA server.



Question 67

Multiple students within a networking lab are required to simultaneously access a single switch remotely. The administrator checks and confirms that the switch can be accessed using the console, but currently only one student can log in at a time. Which of the following should be done to correct this issue?


A. Increase installed memory and install a larger flash module.

B. Increase the number of VLANs configured on the switch.

C. Decrease the number of VLANs configured on the switch.


D. Increase the number of virtual terminals available.

Correct Answer: D


You can set a limit of how many virtual terminals that can simultaneously be connected to a switch. Here the limit is set to one, and we should increase it.

For a Cisco network device:

You can use virtual terminal lines to connect to your Cisco NX-OS device, for example a switch.

Secure Shell (SSH) and Telnet create virtual terminal sessions. You can configure an inactive session timeout and a maximum sessions limit for virtual terminals.

session-limit sessions


switch(config-line)# session-limit 10

Configures the maximum number of virtual sessions for the Cisco NX-OS device. The range is from 1 to 64.



Question 68

A company is experiencing very slow network speeds of 54Mbps. A technician has been hired to perform an assessment on the existing wireless network. The technician has recommended an 802.11n network infrastructure. Which of the following allows 802.11n to reach higher speeds?




C. PoE


Correct Answer: D


One way 802.11n achieves superior throughput is through the use of a technology called multiple input, multiple output (MIMO). MIMO uses multiple antennas for transmission and reception.



Question 69

A network technician must create a wireless link between two buildings in an office park utilizing the 802.11ac standard. The antenna chosen must have a small physical footprint and minimal weight as it will be mounted on the outside of the building. Which of the following antenna types is BEST suited for this solution?


A. Yagi

B. Omni-directional

C. Parabolic

D. Patch

Correct Answer: D


A patch antenna is a type of radio antenna with a low profile, which can be mounted on a flat surface. A patch antenna is typically mounted to a wall or a mast and provides coverage in a limited angle pattern.



Question 70

Which of the following concepts are MOST important for a company’s long term health in the event of a disaster? (Select TWO).


A. Redundancy

B. Implementing acceptable use policy

C. Offsite backups

D. Uninterruptable power supplies

E. Vulnerability scanning

Correct Answer: AC


In case of disaster you must protect your data. Some of the most common strategies for data protection include:

backups made to tape and sent off-site at regular intervals backups made to disk on-site and automatically copied to off-site disk, or made directly to off-site disk

the use of high availability systems which keep both the data and system replicated off-site (making the main site redundant), enabling continuous access to systems and data, even after a disaster.


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