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Which of the following operations does an access point perform in the wireless network? Each correct answer represents a part of the solution. Choose all that apply.


A.     It provides real-time quality information to the controller.

B.     It re-associates the roaming clients.

C.     It transmits beacon frames.

D.     It monitors all the channels for noise and interference.


Correct Answer: ACD




Your primary care physician requires you to see a pulmonologist. Pulmonology is defined as?


A.     Study of the lungs

B.     Disease of the lungs

C.     Inflammation of the lungs

D.     Surgical Incision of the lungs


Correct Answer: A




Which of the following refers to information contained within a patient’s EHR being converted from words to numbers?


A.     Quantitative Analysis

B.     Master Patient Index

C.     Statistical Analysis

D.     Qualitative Analysis


Correct Answer: A




Which of the following can be implemented to help prevent unauthorized users from connecting their computers to the company’s wireless access point?


A.     Enable SSID broadcast

B.     Use DHCP for assigning an IP address on the network

C.     MAC addresses filtering

D.     Configure IP v6 on the network


Correct Answer: C




You are responsible for applying the appropriate ICD-9 code for all services obtained for patients at your facility. Which of the following types of data are you responsible for?


A.     Numbers

B.     Text

C.     Images

D.     Signals


Correct Answer: A




You have been asked to analyze a patient’s medical record. Design a numerical value to all services this patient has received. Which of the following tasks have you been asked to perform?


A.     Scanning

B.     Coding

C.     Archiving

D.     Thinning


Correct Answer: B




You work for a large health care system that consists of eight hospitals. You are asked to install an information system which will allow all eight hospitals to share information. Which of the following types of information systems would you install for this purpose?


A.     Departmental System

B.     Intradepartmental System

C.     Enterprise System

D.     External System


Correct Answer: C








A healthcare organization hires you to provide consultancy for setting up its Windows network. The company’s server room will be in a highly secured environment. You are required to suggest an authentication method for it. The CFO of the company wants the server to use thumb impressions for authentication. Which of the following authentication methods will you suggest?


A.     Biometrics

B.     Two-factor

C.     Smart card

D.     Certificate


Correct Answer: A




Healthcare facilities need to have strict policies about mobile devices and remote access to the organization’s network when access to protected health information is involved. You are asked by a healthcare provider to help her set up a way to access her account while she is at a conference in Denver. What are some policies that your organization might have to this kind of arrangement? Each correct answer represents a complete solution. Choose all that apply.


A.     No remote access is allowed for any reason due to the possibility of protected health information becoming vulnerable.

B.     It is necessary to install a VPM or virtual private network on the provider’s laptop, one that is approved by the IT staff and has been demonstrated to be secure.

C.     As long as the desktop is locked for access with a password, network access to the providers’ personal computer shouldn’t be a problem.

D.     No PHI may be stored on a home or personal computer for any reason, and a home or personal computer should never be considered a secure location.


Correct Answer: ABD




For what period of time do all primary medical records be retained?


A.     30 years

B.     6 years

C.     10 years

D.     4 years


Correct Answer: C


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