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Which of the following statements is true about modem?


A.     It converts digital signals into analog signals and vice versa.

B.     It converts AC current to DC current and vice versa.

C.     It reduces the noise in analog signal.

D.     It amplifies the digital signals.

Correct Answer: A




Where is the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) used?


A.     On the World Wide Web (WWW) to display Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) pages.

B.     On the World Wide Web (WWW) to display SQL database statistics.

C. &
On the Internet to download, compress graphic files.

D.     On a peer-to-peer based Local Area Network (LAN).

E.      On a client/server-based Wide Area Network (WAN).


Correct Answer: A




A physician practice suspects that a patient was involved in the theft of drugs from its storeroom. The police have arriveA, Dre asking for the information the practice has about this patient, like the patient’s name, last known address, and patient status. The practice can.


A.     Reveal only the Patient’s name.

B.     Only corroborate information that the police already have.

C.     Reveal this information to the police, provided that they have an authorization.

D.     Provide the information, without an authorization, if it believes it will serve as evidence.


Correct Answer: D




Which of the following terms is used for keeping records of backup tapes?


A.     Onsite storage

B.     Backup repository

C.     Backup inventory

D.     Offsite storage


Correct Answer: C




The HIPAA act prevents disclosure of health information to which of the following?


A.     The Patient

B.     Patient Representatives

C.     Department of Health and Human Services

D.     Patient Employer


Correct Answer: D




You are suffering from an abdominal disorder in which your physician feels requires a colostomy.

A colostomy is defined as?


A.     Study of the colon

B.     Disease of the colon

C.     To cut into the colon

D.     Inflammation of the colon


Correct Answer: C




A user is complaining that their Windows XP computer is running very slow. When you check out the PC you find there are a number of unnecessary programs running at startup. How would you best prevent those programs from running at startup?


A.     Use the registry to remove them from the startup.

B.     Use MSCONFIG to remove them from the startup.

C.     Uninstall the programs.

D.     Disable those programs.


Correct Answer: B




A physician maintains a series of progress notes on a patient during the patient’s stay at the hospital. These notes are entered into an electronic medical record at a workstation. What does the physician need to maintain during this process? Each correct answer represents a complete solution. Choose all that apply.


A.     The physician needs to maintain the integrity of the record. She cannot erase any information, only add changes or corrections and she needs to electronically sign at appropriate points in the record.

B.     The physician needs to maintain the confidentiality of the record. They have to make sure that the workstation is logged out of when not in use, so that no unauthorized individuals can have access to patient data.

C.     The physician needs to maintain the security of the record. They have to check that no one else has viewed or altered the record from outside sources.

D.     The physician needs to maintain the accessibility of the record. They have to provide access to the patient or their designated representatives.


Correct Answer: AB




You are the privacy officer in charge of setting up the policies and procedures for protecting patient information within your covered entity. You have studied HIPAA’s requirements and are now faced with determining what kinds of policies you need to implement. Which of the follow do you NOT need to implement?


A.     A policy limiting staff members from naming the covered entity for which they work outside the office.

B.     A policy governing the ongoing training of how to handle PHI for employees.

C.     A policy outlining which employees have access to electronic protected health information (EPHI).

D.     A policy defining what role management will play in the oversight and compliance for security controls.


Correct Answer: A




You are assigned the duty of creating a database that contains a unique index for every patient registered at your health care organization. Which of the following have you been asked to create?


A.     Statistical Analysis

B.     Quantitative Analysis

C.     Master Patient Index

D.     Qualitative Analysis


Correct Answer: C


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