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Which of the following are removable storage devices/media? Each correct answer represents a complete solution. Choose three.


A.     USB Pen drive

B.     CD-ROM

C.     SD card

D.     Hard disk drive


Correct Answer: ABC




You need a patient’s medical information for a research project. Which type of medical information can you obtain without consent from the patient?


A.     Archived Health Information

B.     Paper Health Information

C.     Electronic Health Information

D.     De-Identified Health Information


Correct Answer: D




You work as a Network Administrator for Blue Well Inc. The company’s network contains Windows-based clients and servers. The network is connected to the Internet through a slow dialup connection. You decide to install a DNS server on the network. What effects will it have on the network? Each correct answer represents a complete solution. Choose two.


A.     The time taken for name resolution process will decrease.

B.     The amount of DNS traffic on the Internet connection will decrease.

C.     The time taken for name resolution process will increase.

D.     The amount of DNS traffic on the Internet connection will increase.


Correct Answer: AB




Which of the following standards lists the components and content of the patient’s medical record and includes definitions that conform to standard nomenclature?


A.     E1368

B.     E1392

C.     E1357

D.     E1384


Correct Answer: D




Which of the following data types encompassed in a patient’s EHR would include body weight and temperature readings?


A.     Signals

B.     Images

C.     Text

D.     Numbers


Correct Answer: D




You are responsible for ensuring that every electrocardiogram and electroencephalogram becomes a part of the patient’s electronic medical record. Which of the following types of data are you responsible for?


A.     Text

B.     Numbers

C.     Images

D.     Signals


Correct Answer: D




You are working on installing a e-prescribing system in an outpatient clinic which has many HMO patients. One of the advantages of a e-prescribing system was the ability within the program to check agains
t insurance coverage for the patient to see which of several possible medications for the patient’s health condition is covered by the patient’s insurance coverage. What is this feature called?


A.     Formulary checking

B.     Allergy interactions

C.     Coverage authorization

D.     Medication Reconciliation


Correct Answer: A




Which of the following statements correctly defines social engineering?


A.     It is a branch of Ceramic engineering.

B.     It is a way of socializing a person’s social life.

C.     It is a sub-branch of Software engineering.

D.     It is a method of using people so that they voluntarily provide all sensitive information.


Correct Answer: D




You have the responsibility of setting up an entire information system for your facility. You feel that all the PCs should be set, followed by the printers and finally the networking be installed in that particular order. Which of the following describes the division of workload you have assigned?


A.     Serial

B.     Unilateral

C.     Parallel

D.     Unit Assembly


Correct Answer: A




An electronic patient database has reached end-of-life according to the policies of your healthcare facility, and it has been tagged for destruction to keep patient data confidential. Which method of destruction is NOT appropriate for this data?


A.     Physically destroying storage media like CDs and DVDs with a shredder.

B.     Deleting all files and programs that used those files on the server.

C.     Using Department of Defense-accepted software to overwrite hard drives and replace previously stored information with a meaningless pattern.

D.     Magnetically erasing or degaussing hard drives.


Correct Answer: B


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