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Which of the following payment terms is based on the cost of the provider to perform services?


A.     Fee for Services

B.     Customary Charges

C.     Capitation

D.     Sliding Scale Fee


Correct Answer: A


HIPAA requires detailed organization and efforts by healthcare organizations to remain in compliance with healthcare regulation. To promote this organization, the HIPAA Security Rule states clearly the need for which of the following?


A.     Following exact methodology laid out in Security Rule for each security standard.

B.     Policy and Procedures and Documentation

C.     The use of outside consultants to set up organizational framework

D.     The use of organizational enterprise software


Correct Answer: B




Which of the following actions can a user perform that has Write permission on a file?


A.     Access the file’s content

B.     Moving the file to another folder

C.     Delete the file

D.     View the file


Correct Answer: AD




You need a patient’s medical information for a research project. Which type of medical information can you obtain without consent from the patient?


A.     Electronic Health Information

B.     Archived Health Information

C.     De-Identified Health Information

D.     Paper Health Information


Correct Answer: C




Which of the following is an Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (IEEE) specification that defines standards for Ethernet?


A.     802.5

B.     802.4

C.     802.12

D.     802.3

Correct Answer: D




You need to undergo a surgical procedure to have your gallbladder removed. This surgical procedure will not require a hospital stay. To which type of healthcare facilities would you go for this type of service?


A.     Subacute Care Facility

B.     Non-acute Care Facility

C.     Acute Care Facility

D.     Ambulatory Care Facility


Correct Answer: D




Which of the following types of hospital information systems are designed to share information among all departments included in a large health system?


A.     Departmental System

B.     Enterprise System

C.     Intradepartmental System

D.     External System


Correct Answer: B




You work as a healthcare IT technician for an organization. The company has a Windows 2003 domain-based network. You request your network administrator to provide him instructions regarding the installation of drivers on his computer. Your administrator wants to show the user how to perform the configuration by taking control of your desktop. Which of the following tools will he use to accomplish the task?


A.     Remote Assistance

B.     Remote Desktop

C.     Task Manager

D.     Computer Management


Correct Answer: A





A patient requests an accounting of all the instances in which her Protected Health Information

(PHI) has been disclosed in the last six years. You are in charge of putting this accounting together. It seems like a monumental task. What disclosures must be listed in this accounting?


A.     Disclosures for treatment, payment or healthcare operations

B.     Disclosures incidental to another allowed use or disclosure

C.     National security or intelligence disclosures

D.     Disclosures that were made without a required written authorization


Correct Answer: D




During your work at a nursing facility, you need to send and receive faxes to communicate with your superior at your contracting employer. You observe that to send a fax, it is necessary to implement several procedures before a fax can be received, such as which of the following. Each correct answer represents a complete solution. Choose all that apply.


A.     Faxes should be used in place of other communication methods such as phone or email.

B.     Faxes should not be located in areas easily accessible to the general public.

C.     Incoming faxes should be removed immediately and filed appropriately.

D.     Receipt of fax should be confirmed by telephone.


Correct Answer: BCD


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