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As part of your new job at a hospital, you are asked to obtain a copy of the form that would allow requests for patient health information so that it can be added to a database of scanned legal forms. What department would you go to in order to obtain this form? Each correct answer represents a complete solution. Choose all that apply.


A.     Accounts payable

B.     Release of Information Office

C.     Health Information Management Services

D.     Medical Records


Correct Answer: BCD




Which of the following is defined as the technical and procedural methods to control and manage confidential information?


A.     Conformity

B.     Privacy

C.     Confidentiality

D.     Data Security


Correct Answer: D




Your healthcare facility used to keep all healthcare records permanently, but the volume of healthcare information has a facility is developing a plan to destroy certain records after a suitable period of time. There is a broad range of state regulations and suggested professional standards for record retention. Which of these record types would likely be kept the longest?


A.     Register of Births

B.     Adult patient medical records

C.     Diagnostic images (x-rays, etc.)

D.     Fetal heart monitor records


Correct Answer: A




You are asked to install an information system in the Nuclear Medicine department in order to record the use of radioisotopes. Which type of information system would you install for this purpose?


A.     Enterprise System

B.     Intradepartmental System

C.     External System

D.     Departmental System


Correct Answer: D




Which of the following is the process of verifying and allowing a user on a network?


A.     Encryption

B.     Authorization

C.     Authentication

D.     Communication


Correct Answer: C




Which of the following would refer to the handling and storage of a patients CT scan?



B.     Health Level 7

C.     DICOM

D.     HIPPA


Correct Answer: C




You need to undergo a surgical procedure to have your gallbladder removed. This surgical procedure will not require a hospital stay. To which type of healthcare facilities would you go for
this type of service?


A.     Non-acute Care Facility

B.     Subacute Care Facility

C.     Acute Care Facility

D.     Ambulatory Care Facility


Correct Answer: D




Two employees, the billing supervisor and the insurance verification secretary, email each other regarding a patient’s billing situation. Which of the following would be the least effective way to ensure the PHI of the patient?


A.     Emailing using the employees email addresses that they have created for business purposes themselves.

B.     Emailing directly to an in-office only email address, accessible only by the involved parties with passwords that maintain encryption.

C.     Emailing and following with a phone call.

D.     Emailing on the company’s intranet.


Correct Answer: A




A medical practice knows that its billing office is open to public viewing because it is attached to the front welcome-desk as a time-saving device for communication between billing staff and front office staff. The practice knows that other patients’ PHI billing information could easily be viewed by patients standing at the front desk, but chooses not to change the scenario. What kind of penalty could the practice face?


A.     Minimum of $1,000.

B.     This is not a civil violation, only a criminal violation.

C.     Minimum of $10,000.

D.     Minimum of $100.


Correct Answer: C




You are working on installing a new workstation in an area in which medical assistants interact with patients and the public. What are two physical safeguards you can do during installation of the system to help keep protected health information safe at this workstation?


A.     Video surveillance of the area surrounding the workstation, and role based access control programs installed on the machine.

B.     Configuring the server to deny access on to the machine after several failed attempts to log on with a user name, and preventing a workstation from being installed facing into a busy corridor.

C.     Installing a privacy screen to prevent viewing from the side or above and user-based access control programs installed on the machine.

D.     Installing a privacy screen to prevent viewing from the side or above, preventing a workstation from being installed facing into a busy corridor.


Correct Answer: D


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