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For what period of time do all records containing HIPPA information be retained?


A.     4 years

B.     6 years

C.     30 years

D.     10 years


Correct Answer: B




Which of the following is the default port for Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP)?


A.     21

B.     80

C.     23

D.     25


Correct Answer: B




When engaged in EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) of PHR (Personal Health Records) between two covered entities or between a covered entity and a contracted entity that has entered into agreement with a covered entity, the covered entities must corroborate that the information exchanged comes from the entity who claims to be sending it. Which of the following is not a way of authenticating the sender?

A.     token systems

B.     two or three-way handshakes

C.     calling back by telephone

D.     passwords

E.      parity exchange


Correct Answer: E




You are fortunate to have a health care plan that allows you to seek care from whichever facility or health care provider you choose. Which of the following types of healthcare plans do you subscribe to?


A.     Point of Service

B.     HMO

C.     PPO

D.     Indemnity Plan


Correct Answer: D




Which of the following devices controls the power supply of various devices and components installed in a computer system?


A.     CPU

B.     Motherboard

C.     Jumper

D.     SMPS


Correct Answer: D




You and your department are doing and audit to make sure that you are compliant with HIPAA Security Standards laid out in detail in the Security Rule. Which of the following is NOT a type of security standard you would be responsible for?


A.     Administrative Safeguards

B.     Physical Safeguards

C.     Technical Safeguards

D.     Procedural Safeguards


Correct Answer: D




Which of the following is the default resolution for a VGA monitor?


A.     320×200-pixels

B.     640×480-pixels

C.     800×600-pixels

D.     1024×768-pixels


Correct Answer: B




Sometimes it is necessary for patients to receive information like test results over the phone. This kind of protected health information can be very sensitive. In which of the following situations would it be acceptable to discuss protected health information over the phone.


A.     With the patient who has confirmed a detail of their identity, such as birth date or address.

B.     With a family member of the adult patient.

C.  &nbs
With a coworker of the patient at their workplace.

D.     With an answering machine at the number designated if the name matches the patient’s.


Correct Answer: A




As a healthcare information technologist, you are required to ensure that all data in every patient’s electronic health data remains confidential. Which of the following describes this duty?


A.     Conformity

B.     Privacy

C.     Confidentiality

D.     Data Security


Correct Answer: D




Which of the following payment terms is based on the patient’s ability to pay?


A.     Capitation

B.     Fee for Services

C.     Sliding Scale Fee

D.     Customary Charges


Correct Answer: C


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