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Federal Health Care Reform mandates the beginning of movement to electronic medical records for all hospitals and clinics starting in 2015, and this impacts rural hospital especially hard. As a healthcare IT professional, if you are hired at a rural hospital to help convert a paper based system to an electronic health record system you may be working with limited resources and higher levels of responsibility, but make a big impact. Which of the following is true about healthcare IT opportunities at rural hospitals?


A.     Rural hospitals band together to make best use of healthcare IT professionals and resources and share across distances.

B.     The federal government awards grants to help with implementation of electronic records and some of this is focused on rural clinics and hospitals.

C.     There is a real shortage of Healthcare IT professionals in rural settings.

D.     There is an exception for rural hospitals in the electronic medical record requirements.


Correct Answer: ABC




According to the American Hospital Association, which of the following types of hospitals are required to provide diagnosis and treatment for individuals who are disabled?


A.     Specialty Hospital

B.     Rehabilitation Hospital

C.     Psychiatric Hospital

D.     General Hospital


Correct Answer: B




Which type of client-server platform consists of an application server that contains software to process the data?


A.     Two-Tier Architecture

B.     Three-Tier Architecture

C.     WAN Technology

D.     LAN Technology

Correct Answer: B




Which of the following parts of the Code of Federal Regulations refers to the FDA guidelines on electronic records and electronic signatures?


A.     Title 21 CFR Part 11

B.     Title 21 CFR Part 21

C.     Title 21 CFR Part 7


Correct Answer: A





In the image, identify the interface used to connect a USB modem to a computer.




Correct Answer:





Which of the following statements are true about Universal Serial Bus (USB)? Each correct answer represents a complete solution. Choose two.


A.     You can connect up to 127 peripheral devices to a single USB port.

B.     You can connect up to 16 peripheral devices to a single USB port.

C.     USB does not support Plug n Play installation.

D.     USB supports hot plugging.


Correct Answer: AD




You choose to have your gallbladder removed at a hospital that provides radiological services and laboratory services as well as surgical services. What type of medical facility have you chosen for your care?


A.     General Hospital

B.     Specialty Hospital

C.     Rehabilitation Hospital

D.     Psychiatric Hospital

Correct Answer: A




Which of the following terms describes a central room for servers, hubs, routers, DSLs etc.?


A.     HVAC

B.     MDF

C.     Key fobs

D.     IDF


Correct Answer: B




You are a healthcare IT technician. Your have bought a new laptop but you cannot log on to your wireless router. You verify the wireless NIC is working, you can see the wireles
s routers network, and you verify that you are using the correct username and password. What is the most likely cause of this problem?


A.     The router has a virus.

B.     The router has maximum connections now.

C.     MAC filtering is enabled.

D.     Your new laptop is not compatible with the router.


Correct Answer: C




Which of the following are default ports for the FTP service? Each correct answer represents a complete solution. Choose two.


A.     20

B.     443

C.     21

D.     80


Correct Answer: AC


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