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Your customer wants to make sure that only computers he has authorized can get on his Wi-Fi. What is the most appropriate security measure you can recommend?


A.     Mac filtering

B.     A firewall

C.     WPA encryption

D.     WEP encryption


Correct Answer: A




An 80 year old man is dissatisfied with several aspects of his hospital stay, which of the following pieces of legislation allows him to file a formal complaint?


A.     Patient Bill of Rights

B.     MIPPA

C.     HIPPA



Correct Answer: A




Which of the following is the principle used to design a work environment to promote safe, healthy, injury free work?


A.     Ergonomics

B.     Integration

C.     Biometrics

D.     Inclusion


Correct Answer: A




Your primary duty as a healthcare information technolo
gist is to design and implement an information system to be shared by many health organizations to report information required by regulatory agencies. Which of the following types of information systems are you responsible for implementing?


A.     Departmental System

B.     External System

C.     Enterprise System

D.     Hospital Wide System


Correct Answer: B




You are a network administrator of a large TCP/IP network. You are training network users on secure access methods. Which of the following is the MOST secure access method?


A.     SNMPv1


C.     RCP

D.     SFTP

E.      RSH


Correct Answer: D




Which of the following is the technique of flooding the Internet with a number of copies of the same message?


A.     Spamming

B.     ARP spoofing

C.     Phishing

D.     MAC spoofing


Correct Answer: A




You are asked to convert all paper medical records to a digital format. Which of the following tasks are you being asked to perform?


A.     Document Imaging

B.     Device Capture

C.     Clinical Imaging

D.     Document Archiving


Correct Answer: A





You are configuring a wireless network for a home user. He does not want neighbors to detect his wireless network. What should you do?


A.     Use WEP encryption

B.     Disable SSID broadcast

C.     Use MAC filtering

D.     Use WPA encryption


Correct Answer: B




While working at a private physician practice, you are asked to convert a patient’s paper chart to a digital format. What type of medical record have you been asked to create?


A.     Electronic Medical Record

B.     Demographic Health Information

C.     Archived Health Information

D.     Electronic Health Record


Correct Answer: A




You have been hired to create a software program that will remove all the identifying information from patient records who were involved in a cancer research project, so that the outcomes of a particular treatment can be shared at a medical conference. HIPAA requires that you remove many types of information that could be used to identify the patient or could, in conjunction with other information that the receiver has, be used to identify the patient. Which information below would you NOT be required to remove?


A.     Health plan beneficiary numbers.

B.     Web addresses.

C.     Fax numbers.

D.     Birth year if the patient(s) is under the age of 89.


Correct Answer: D


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