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You have the responsibility of setting up an entire information system for your facility. You assign one member of your team to install PCs, one member to install printers and one person to perform the networking. Which of the following describes the division of workload you have assigned?


A.     Unit Assembly

B.     Serial

C.     Unilateral

D.     Parallel


Correct Answer: A




While working on upgrading a system in the Emergency Department, you hear a warning over the PA system for a “Code Blue”, followed by what looks like people running everywhere. What’s going on?


A.     The hospital is being evacuated. You need to leave the building.

B.     The hospital is so full that all incoming patients are being diverted to other hospitals for care. You need to stay calm and continue your work.

C.     There’s a flood in the restroom that’s threatening to get out into the hallways. You need to make sure computer equipment is off the floor.

D.     A patient is in cardiac arrest and needs immediate resuscitation and critical care services. You need to stay calm and continue your work.


Correct Answer: D





Workflow management, interview software and electronic medical records can streamline the process of a physician exam by giving the physician access to a lot of information about the patient before they even walk in the exam room. What parts of a typical exam can be made more efficient by use of an electronic health record technology? Each correct answer represents a part of the solution. Choose all that apply.


A.     Transcription of dictation and filed in medical record.

B.     Asking question. The diagnosis.

C.     Asking why the patient has sought care.

D.     Dictating recollection of history as told by patient, data from chart, exam details.


Correct Answer: BCD




Which of the following is the default subnet mask for the Class C IP address network?







Correct Answer: A




The virtualization technology is used to permit the several virtual machines to run on a single hardware platform, and allows each virtual machine to run its separate operating system in the virtualized environment. Which of the following are the pros of the virtualization technology? Each correct answer represents a complete solution. Choose all that apply.


A.     Power reduction

B.     Reduced infrastructure cost

C.     Decreased administrative overhead

D.     Low initial investment


Correct Answer: AB








Which of the following methods ONLY backs up all changes made since the last full or normal backup?


A.     Half backup

B.     Incremental backup

C.     Differential backup

D.     Full backup


Correct Answer: C




Your healthcare facility is developing a policy for moving some records off-site as they have moved from being “active” to “inactive” records. Of the following, which is a likely reason for a record becoming “inactive”?


A.     The record is a short record of an emergency department case in which a minor would was stitched up and the patient has not been seen in the facility for two years.

B.     The record is for a patient who is part of an assessment study of heart surgery patients over the last ten years.

C.     The record is for a patient with a chronic illness who is often seen for complications of their illness.

D.     The record is involved in a legal case where there have been several requests for release of information to parties in a lawsuit.


Correct Answer: A




You are installing a new workstation within the hospital. What initial software setup needs to be implemented and double-checked to make sure that non-authorized users do not have access into the system? Other than initial login access, what other software safeguards could be put in place to prevent unauthorized access?


A.     Anti-spam software

B.     Antivirus Software

C.     Password protected Screensaver

D.     Firewalls


Correct Answer: C





Which of the following servers provides streaming audio and video over a network, and uses UDP ports and buffers to achieve the effect of a real time connection?


A.     Media server

B.     Apache Web server

C.     FTP server

D.     Sun ONE server


Correct Answer: A




Your healthcare facility is involved in a lawsuit where protected health information is important to the case. Can your facility disclose this information and still be within HIPAA compliance?


A.     No. It is not in the best interests of the healthcare organization to disclose protected health information at any time.

B.     No. The organization should not disclose that information under these circumstances because it risks falling into HIPAA noncompliance.

C.     Yes. The needs of the lawsuit outweigh the HIPAA law and the information should be disclosed even at the risk of HIPAA compliance.

D.     Yes. The organization will still be within HIPAA compliance if it discloses PHI within a legal proceeding.


Correct Answer: D


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