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Which of the following pieces of legislation preserves the patient’s wishes, rights, healthcare options and advanced directives even if the decision results in the death of the patient?


A.     Patient Self Determination Act

B.     HIPAA

C.     COBRA



Correct Answer: A




How many devices can be connected to an IEEE 1394 port?


A.     1

B.     63

C.     8

D.     127


Correct Answer: B




Jane works as a Consumer Support Technician. She is assisting Bob, a small business owner, to set up a network with five Windows Vista-based computers. She wants to easily add new computers to the network and dynamically assign IP addresses. Jane assists Bob to use a network router in his office. Which of the following network features will help Jane accomplish the task?


A.     DNS

B.     PING

C.     DHCP



Correct Answer: C




Which of the following protocols implements VPN using IPsec?


A.     SLIP

B.     PPTP

C.     L2TP

D.     PPP


Correct Answer: C




During your yearly medical physical, your doctor diagnoses you with leukocytosis. Leukocytosis is defined as?


A.     Study of white blood cells

B.     Surgery involving white blood cells

C.     Inflammation of the white blood cells

D.     Disease of the white blood cells


Correct Answer: D




A member of your family is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and is unable to care for themselves at home. To which of the following healthcare facilities would you contact for long term care of this individual?


A.     Non-acute Care Facility

B.     Subacute Care Facility

C.     Ambulatory Care Facility

D.     Acute Care Facility


Correct Answer: A




You are working at a teaching hospital at a major university that is involved in healthcare research as well as providing care to patients. You are concerned that some of the information being used in a research study may involve protected health information and could be a violation of privacy law. There are three criteria that are necessary for a piece of information to be considered protected health information. Which one of these is NOT a criterion for being classified as protected health information?


A.     Information must identify the patient or give a reasonable basis to believe that the patient could be identified.

B.     Information must relate to a patient’s past, present or future physical or mental health condition, the provision of healthcare, or the payment for the provision of healthcare

C.     Information must be held or transmitted by a covered entity or its business associates.

D.     Information must be contain useful content for the research purposes.


Correct Answer: D




What precautions should you take before removing a computer case?


A.     Turn off the monitor.

B.     Shut down the computer and turn off the power connection.

C.     Disconnect the monitor from the computer.

D.     Remove the SMPS.


Correct Answer: B






Which of the following payment terms is based on what a reasonable fee would be for the service provided?


A.     Customary Charges

B.     Capitation

C.     Sliding Scale Fee

D.     Fee for Services


Correct Answer: A




Which of the following refers to information that relates to any individual’s past, present or future physical or mental health?


A.     De-Identified Health Information

B.     Archived Health Information

C.     Demographic Health Information

D.     Individually Identifiable Health Information


Correct Answer: D


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