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Implementing an electronic health information system for hospital drug prescribing can reduce medication errors by upwards of 55%. If you are installing a drug prescribing system where doctor prescriptions are forwarded to the pharmacy via computer, what is this system better known as?


A.     Leapfrog

B.     Encoder

C.     ePharmacy

D.     Computerized Physician Order Entry


Correct Answer: D




You are responsible for the wireless network of your company. You have been asked to create SSID’s for wireless routers. What are the limits on an SSID? Each correct answer represents a complete solution. Choose two.


A.     It must be 64 or fewer characters long.

B.     It must be 32 or fewer characters long.

C.     It is case sensitive.

D.     It is not case sensitive.

E.      It can only contain letters, not numbers.


Correct Answer: BC




As a healthcare information technologist, it is your legal obligation to maintain patient’s privacy and not disclose protected health information. Which of the following describes this obligation?


A.     Data Security

B.     Privacy

C.     Conformity

D.     Confidentiality


Correct Answer: D




Which of the following is referred to as a network in which network nodes request and receive services and data from another networked node?


A.     CAN

B.     Client-server

C.     LAN

D.     PAN


Correct Answer: B




In medical terminology, the suffix -itis is used to describe which of the following conditions?


A.     Study of

B.     Inflammation

C.     Opening

D.     Disease


Correct Answer: B




You need a patient’s medical information for a research project. Which type of medical information can you obtain without consent from the patient?


A.     Paper Health Information

B.     De-Identified Health Information

C.     Archived Health Information

D.     Electronic Health Information


Correct Answer: B




Which of the following statements is true about the installation of Universal Serial Bus (USB) devices?


A.     A computer has to be restarted to install a USB device.

B.     Software drivers are not required for USB devices.

C.     USB devices are non-Plug and Play.

D.     A USB device can be plugged to a computer without restarting it.


Correct Answer: D




Which of the following is a temporary dip in the voltage on the supply line that usually lasts only a fraction of a second?


A.     Power Spike

B.     EMI

C.     Power Sag

D.     Power Surge


Correct Answer: C







Which of the following is a networking protocol that provides centralized Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting management for computers to connect and use a network service?


A.     PEAP

B.     Kerberos


D.     MS-CHAP v2


Correct Answer: C




You have a routine chest x-ray performed at your physician’s office. Which of the following governing bodies is responsible for approving the x-ray unit to be used on humans?


A.     Occupational Safety and Health Administration

B.     The Joint Commission

C.     Food and Drug Administration

D.     Department of Health and Human Services


Correct Answer: C


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