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You are asked to design a database according to the following schematic. Which of the following database models are you designing?


A.     Hierarchal Model

B.     Object Oriented Model

C.     Enterprise Model

D.     Network Model


Correct Answer: A




You are setting up a wireless network for a series of small coffee shops. All the shops are part of a chain. The customer wants a very specific SSID for each location. What are the limits on an SSID? Each correct answer represents a complete solution. Choose two.


A.     It must be 16 or fewer characters long.

B.     It is case sensitive.

C.     It can only contain letters, not numbers.

D.     It must be 32 or fewer characters long.


Correct Answer: BD




Which of the following types of hospital systems is used integrated various departmental systems for a health care facility?


A.     Departmental System

B.     Enterprise System

C.     External System

D.     Hospital Wide System


Correct Answer: D




You work as a Network Administrator for Net Perfect Inc. Rick, a Sales Manager, asks you to configure his tablet PC in such a way that he can copy and paste text quickly. Which of the following actions will you perform to accomplish the task?


A.     Configure flicks for the desired task.

B.     Configure an automatic script to run the desired task at the tap event.

C.     Configure a keyboard shortcut for the desired task.

D.     Configure an automatic script to run the desired task at the double tap event.


Correct Answer: A


You are the newly hired privacy officer for a dermatology practice. Your first step in fulfilling HIPAA is also the first thing you will need to do to acclimatize yourself to your job. Familiarize yourself with the environment under your auspices. You know that you have to perform a “risk assessment” under HIPAA. What would you be looking for?


A.     Assess the risks to the practice’s finances in maintaining an EPHI system.

B.     Assess the risks to patients and the practice if EPHI were violated or exposed.

C.     Assess the risks to the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the EPHI there.

D.     Assess the risks to the physical safeguards that protect EPHI.


Correct Answer: C




Which access point (AP) configuration is used to stop AP sending Beacon frames and to enhance security of a Wireless LAN (WLAN)?


A.     Active scanning

B.     SSID cloaking

C.     Rogue AP

D.     Mobility anchor


Correct Answer: B




You are riding in an elevator with several physicians discussing the care of a patient. The patient’s name is used in the conversation, which piece of legislation has been violated?


A.     MIPPA

B.     Patient Bill of Rights


D.     HIPPA


Correct Answer: D




You are the privacy officer for a mid-size ophthalmology practice that does its own in-house billing and insurance verification. You are reviewing the Physical Safeguards in the office and notice that the computer monitors at the patient check-in counter are completely visible to patients who stand at the check-out window. What is the minimum you are required to do?


A.     Remove the monitors completely to a different office.

B.     Implement filtering screens over the monitors so that only the operators using them can read the information.

C.     Have patients sign a second Non-Disclosure agreement in their check-out forms.

D.     Do in-house reconstruction so that the check-in counter is not in sight view of the check-out counter.


Correct Answer: B




Which of the following data types encompassed in a patient’s EHR would include tracings from and EEG or EKG?


A.     Images

B.     Numbers

C.     Text

D.     Signals


Correct Answer: D




You work as a healthcare IT technician for an organization. You want to allow some doctors to fill out an application online. But you need the online application data to be secured. Whatever method you pick should integrate easily with Web pages. Which of the following should you pick?


A.     IPsec

B.     AES

C.     DES

D.     SSL


Correct Answer: D


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