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How will you identify that the PC has successfully completed its Power On Self-Test (POST)?


A.     The PC give frequent beeps and gives a display on the monitor.

B.     The PC gives two beeps at the startup.

C.     The PC gives the message “Press DEL to enter the Setup”

D.     The PC gives a single beep at the startup.


Correct Answer: D


As a healthcare IT specialist, you are asked to ensure that all images obtained from an echocardiography unit are automatically transmitted to a remote area for interpretation. Which of the following tasks are you being asked to perform?


A.     Device Capture

B.     Document Archiving

C.     Document Imaging

D.     Clinical Imaging


Correct Answer: A




Sam works as a System Administrator for ABC Inc. The company has Windows-based network. Sam wants to remove the files from the system, permanently. For this purpose, he uses the shredding process. Which of the following statements are related to the shredding? Each correct answer represents a complete solution. Choose all that apply.


A.     The content of the file can be overwritten in the process of shredding.

B.     It is a program that is used for the purpose of rewriting the files with random series of binary data several times.

C.     It is used for the combustion of organic substances that are contained in waste material.

D.     The process of recovering such a shredded file is usually theoretical.


Correct Answer: ABD




Which of the following acronyms is a system used to classify medical diagnoses, signs and symptoms into a set of numeric codes for use in billing and analysis?


A.     HL7

B.     NDCID

C.     Snomed

D.     ICD10


Correct Answer: D








As part of a privacy and security training program, the hospital staff are given a series of documents to look over and become familiar with. These documents are important for HIPAA regulation and for preventing unauthorized use and disclosure of PHI. Many patients are given one or more of these documents to sign or look over when they are first treated at a healthcare facility. Which of these is a HIPAA required document to be given to all patients?


A.     Subpoena duces tecum

B.     Release of Information

C.     Notice of Privacy Practices

D.     Notice of Billing Practices


Correct Answer: C




You work as a Network Administrator for NetTech Inc. You are developing a backup policy for the company and want to accomplish the following goals. The number of tapes required to back up data should be minimized. The number of tapes required to restore data should be minimized.

Which of the following backup policies will you choose?


A.     A full back up once a month and an incremental backup daily.

B.     A full back up every Friday and differential backups from Monday to Thursday.

C.     A differential backup every night.

D.     A full back up every Friday and incremental backups from Monday to Thursday.


Correct Answer: B




You are working out a problem with file transmission to an insurance company that handles workers compensation claims. You have concerns with some of the security they have, but they tell you that since they are not a covered entity, that they do not have to follow HIPAA regulations.


A.     This is TRUE. Group health plans and insurance plans are not covered entities, and the insured sign away rights to have their health information protected when they are covered by the insurance.

B.     This is FALSE. Group plans and insurance plans that pay for medical care are covered entities and do have to follow HIPAA regulations.

C.     This is TRUE. Group plans and insurance plans that pay for medical care do not have to follow HIPAA regulations.

D.     This is FALSE. Although group plans and insurance plans that pay for medical care are not covered entities, there are special HIPAA regulations for them.

Correct Answer: B




You have been tasked with finding an encryption methodology for your company’s network. The solution must use public key encryption which is keyed to the users email address. Which of the following should you select?


A.     Blowfish

B.     3DES

C.     AES

D.     PGP


Correct Answer: D




Which type of client-server platform consists simply of a PA, C database server?


A.     LAN Technology

B.     WAN Technology

C.     Two-Tier Architecture

D.     Three-Tier Architecture


Correct Answer: C




You notice repeated attempts for attempted remote login into the system bypassing the firewall of the nursing facility you are working at while examining access logs. To whom do you bring up this problem? Each correct answer represents a complete solution. Choose all that apply.


A.     The network administrator

B.     The security administrator

C.     The database administrator

D.     The system administrator

Correct Answer: BD


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