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You work as a Network Administrator for McRobert Inc. You plan to configure your Windows Vista computer for Internet access. To achieve this, which of the following communication protocols needs to be bound to the dial-up adapter?


A.     AppleTalk

B.     TCP/IP

C.     NetBEUI

D.     DLC


Correct Answer: B




According to the American Hospital Association, which of the following types of hospitals are required to provide diagnosis and treatment for specific disorders?


A.     Rehabilitation Hospital

B.     Specialty Hospital

C.     Psychiatric Hospital

D.     General Hospital


Correct Answer: B




Which of the following actions refers to scanning, indexing and performing quality control on paper documents that are entered into a computerized system?


A.     Device Capture

B.     Document Archiving

C.     Clinical Imaging

D.     Document Imaging


Correct Answer: D




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You are working on the information systems of a nursing facility that works with elderly patients over the age of sixty five. You have specific QUESTION of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act rules with regards to a new information system you are installing. What agency can you contact for help? Each correct answer represents a complete solution. Choose all that apply.


A.     CMS

B.     NIST

C.     HHS

D.     OSHA


Correct Answer: AC




Which of the following methods can be helpful to eliminate social engineering threat? Each correct answer represents a complete solution. Choose three.


A.     Data encryption

B.     Vulnerability assessments

C.     Data classification

D.     Password policies


Correct Answer: BCD




Which of the following application protocols provides terminal emulation to a remote host by creating a virtual terminal?


A.     FTP

B.     NNTP

C.     Telnet

D.     VTP


Correct Answer: C




You work as a Network Administrator for Net World International. The company has a Windows based network. For security, you want to implement a strong password policy. Which of the following are the characteristics of a strong password? Each correct answer represents a complete solution. Choose all that apply.

A.     The password must contain the real name of the user.

B.     The password must be at least seven characters long.

C.     The password must not contain a complete dictionary word.

D.     The password must contain keyboard symbols.

E.      The password must contain numerals.


Correct Answer: BCDE




An 80 year old man is dissatisfied with several aspects of his hospital stay, which of the following pieces of legislation allows him to file a formal complaint?



B.     MIPPA

C.     Patient Bill of Rights

D.     HIPPA


Correct Answer: C




Sam works as a Network Administrator for BlueTech Inc. All client computers in the company run Windows Vista operating system. He purchases a desktop computer with Windows Vista installed on it. He wants to access the yearly sales report, stored on the office computer, from his home computer. Which of the following utilities will he use to accomplish the task?


A.     Remote Desktop Connection

B.     NetMeeting

C.     Windows Meeting Space

D.     Remote Assistance


Correct Answer: A




Which of the following refers to medical information that is protected, but contains nothing regarding the patient’s illness or treatment?


A.     Individually Identifiable Health Information

B.     Demographic Health Information

C.     Archived Health Information

D.     De-Identified Health Information


Correct Answer: B


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