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Which of the following agencies is responsible for protecting the public health by insuring safety of cosmetics and medical devices?


A.     Food and Drug Administration.

B.     Department of Health and Human Services.

C.     The Joint Commission.

D.     Occupational Safety and Health Administration.


Correct Answer: A





Identify the VGA/SVGA connector in the image given below.




Correct Answer:





Which of the following tools is used for an outdoor site survey?


A.     Spectrum analyzer

B.     Antenna

C.     Topography map

D.     Access point


Correct Answer: C







You are subscribed to a health care plan that requires you to see certain physicians because they are part of a network that has agreed to provide healthcare services at a discounted rate in exchange for a higher quantity of patients? Which of the following types of health care plans do you subscribe to?


A.     PPO

B.     HMO

C.     Point of Service

D.     Indemnity Plan


Correct Answer: A




You have the responsibility of designing an entire information system. You design a chart to ensure the project gets completed on time. Your chart is based on the chart shown below. Which of the following types of project management tools have you created for your project?




A.     PERT Diagram

B.     Critical Path

C.     Gantt Chart

D.     Venn Diagram


Correct Answer: A




This federal organization helps with testing healthcare information technology initiatives, certification of Electronic Health Record technology, conformance testing, and provides tools and resources for Health IT testing and support, as well as white papers on healthcare IT issues.


A.     CMS

B.     NIST

C.     HHS

D.     ONC


Correct Answer: B




You have the duty of ensuring patient’s medical records are
completed in the required amount of time. You are required by the Joint Commission for the Accreditation of Health Organizations to have a patient’s medical record complete within how many days after discharge?


A.     14 days

B.     7 days

C.     24 hours

D.     30 days.


Correct Answer: D




As a member of the healthcare IT team, you are asked to send a patient’s MRI exam from the MRI department to a PACS system for permanent archival. Which of the following would you depend on for transmission of these images?



B.     HIPPA

C.     DICOM

D.     Health Level 7


Correct Answer: C




Your manager tells another employee that they have to change the security level on certain files to fit with the HIPAA standard of “minimum necessary”. What does this mean?


A.     Unless a covered entity has a written policy which states explicitly that a piece of information is necessary for a particular purpose and has a justification for that purpose, the information cannot be released.

B.     Covered entities should limit the access to all protected health information unless a person has the minimum necessary security clearance for access.

C.     The HIPAA Privacy Rule generally requires covered entities to take reasonable steps to limit the use or disclosure of, and requests for, protected health information to the minimum necessary persons to accomplish the intended purpose.

D.     Where protected health information is disclosed to, or requested by, health care providers for treatment purposes, the minimum necessary standard applies to provider access.


Correct Answer: C




Your customer wants the fastest wireless possible in his home. Which of the following would you recommend?


A.     802.11 wireless

B.     Bluetooth

C.     3G Cellular

D.     Satellite


Correct Answer: A


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