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You are helping to build a system to tag different pieces of data within an electronic health record system with XML tags for whether or not a piece of information is protected health information, whether an individual has consented to a procedure, whether an piece of information involves mental health information, and other key categories of information. As part of an access control system, these tags can help determine access to information based on clearance level. What term is used in the healthcare information field to refer to these kinds of information tags?


A.     Sensitivity labels

B.     Clearance level tags

C.     PHI tagging

D.     Health XML


Correct Answer: A







A private medical record or health record is a complex file that can include information from a wide variety of sources within an organization. Which of the following documents would be part of a patient health record? Each correct answer represents a complete solution. Choose all that apply.


A.< /font>     Accreditation report status of hospital.

B.     Consultation reports from providers other than patient’s primary physician.

C.     Discharge summary.

D.     Explanation of benefits.


Correct Answer: BC




Which of the following authentication methods is based on physical appearance of a user?


A.     Smart card

B.     ID/password combination

C.     Key fob

D.     Biometrics


Correct Answer: D




Which of the following transfer protocols is used to access a secure Web server on the Internet?


A.     TCP

B.     HTTPS

C.     PPTP

D.     HTTP


Correct Answer: B












You are asked to design a database according to the following schematic. Which of the following types of database models are you creating?




A.     Network Model

B.     Object Oriented Model

C.     Hierarchal Model

D.     Enterprise Model


Correct Answer: B




What is a best way to minimize curiosity about patient’s information when mailing

correspondence to the patient?


A.     Create a code to address the mail rather than using the patient’s name.

B.     Use certified mail with a return receipt request.

C.     Use a P.O. Box for the practices return address and omit the practice name.

D.     Use a manila colored envelope.


Correct Answer: C







Which of the following can happen in an event of processor fan failure? Each correct answer represents a complete solution. Choose all that apply.


A.     Hard drive failure

B.     Computer hangs

C.     Processor damage

D.     Floppy drive failure


Correct Answer: BC




You are an IT specialist working for a transcription company that does the transcription of medical notes into electronic charts for medical practices. HIPAA applies to you because you are.


A.     A covered entity

B.     A healthcare provider

C.     A business associate

D.     A healthcare manager


Correct Answer: C




Which of the following is software that gathers information about a user and violates the user’s personal security?


A.     Spam ware

B.     Spyware

C.     Adware

D.     Malware


Correct Answer: B




You are a healthcare IT technician. You are afraid of data on your screen being seen by passersby. Which of the following will you install on your computer to protect your data?


A.     A key fob

B.     A smart card

C.     A computer privacy screen

D.     A biometrics device

Correct Answer: C


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