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Which of the following protocols provides certificate-based authentication for virtual private networks (VPNs)?


A.     HTTPS

B.     SMTP

C.     L2TP

D.     PPTP


Correct Answer: C




A user calls and tells you that his computer hangs during the boot process. Which of the following question. Him in order to identify the problem? Each correct answer represents a complete solution. Choose two.


A. Has any other changes been made to the computer?

B. Is the mouse pointer visible on the monitor?

C. What is the model of the computer processor?

D. Has any hardware been installed in the computer recently?


Correct Answer: AD




Which of the following acts refers to medical information that is obtained by the use of photographs or other medical imaging device?


A.     Device Capture

B.     Document Archiving

C.     Document Imaging

D.     Clinical Imaging


Correct Answer: D




Which of the following data types encompassed in a patient’s EHR would include an MRI?


A.     Images

B.     Voice

C.     Numbers

D.     Signals


Correct Answer: A




Which of the following tools are used to determine the hop counts of an IP packet? Each correct answer represents a complete solution. Choose two.


A.     Netstat


C.     ping



Correct Answer: BC



ION 426

You are asked to reduce medical records for a dental practice, you can eliminate all records that are older than which of the following?


A.     10 years

B.     6 years

C.     30 years

D.     4 years


Correct Answer: D




You are helping to work out integration problems with a health information system module that allows physicians to send out instructions for patient care to the pharmacy, laboratory, radiology department or other departments in the hospital. What is this module called?


A.     Encoder

B.     R-ADT

C.     CPOE

D.     CDS


Correct Answer: C




There are many times in the Healthcare Insurance Portability and Accountability Act when important privacy exceptions or regulations are made for “TPO” uses. What does TPO stand for in HIPAA and other healthcare regulations?


A.     Treatment, Payments and Operations.

B.     Tax, Purchase and Oversight.

C.     Time, Privacy and Objectives.

D.     Treatment, Providers and Organizations.


Correct Answer: A




Which of the following items are configured on a user workstation for wireless networking? Each corre
ct answer represents a complete solution. Choose two.


A.     MAC Address Filtering

B.     Encryption

C.     Service Set Identifier (SSID)

D.     Security Set Identifier (SSID)


Correct Answer: BC




Andrew adds a hard disk drive to a computer. When he powers on the computer, a blank screen is displayed. What is the most likely cause?


A.     BIOS configuration error.

B.     HDD cable is not inserted properly in the hard disk drive.

C.     Incompatible hard disk drive.

D.     Floppy drive cable is not inserted properly in the floppy drive.


Correct Answer: B


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