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Two employees, the billing supervisor and the insurance verification secretary, email each other regarding a patient’s billing situation. Which of the following would be the least effective way to ensure the PHI of the patient?


A.     Emailing using the employees email addresses that they have created for business purposes themselves.

B.     Emailing and following with a phone call.

C.     Emailing directly to an in-office only email address, accessible only by the involved parties with passwords that maintain encryption.

D.     Emailing on the company’s intranet.


Correct Answer: A




You are working on a database of public records at a healthcare facility. What kind of information is contained within the database?


A.     records of x-rays taken in the Radiology department

B.     records of ages and chronic health conditions of patients

C.     records of names and addresses of patients

D.     records of de-identified patient information


Correct Answer: D




There are some circumstances in which a patient’s right to access their own medical record under HIPAA legislation can be denied. Which of the following is NOT a circumstance in which patient access can be denied?


A.     Patient requests the release of information that may be used against another person who caused the patient injury requiring medical treatment.

B.     Patient requests the release of their information and is a prison inmate.

C.     Patient requests the release of information that may be current being used in the course of medical research.

D.     Patient requests the release of psychotherapy notes.


Correct Answer: A




You are the privacy officer for a medical practice and the senior practice partner is auditing your Physical Safeguards to see if you have complied with HIPA A. He’s concerned with the access controls you have in place for the practice to protect PHI. Under HIPAA, which of the following is not a required Physical Safeguard for PHI?


A.     Visitor sign-in.

B.     Business Associate Agreement.

C.     Visitor escorts.

D.     Security plans for the facility.


Correct Answer: B




As a healthcare IT specialist, you are asked to ensure that all images obtained from an echocardiography unit are automatically transmitted to a remote area for interpretation. Which of the following tasks are you being asked to perform?


A.     Device Capture

B.     Document Imaging

C.     Clinical Imaging

D.     Document Archiving


Correct Answer: A




Which of the following protocols can be used for establishing a secure connection over the Internet? Each correct answer represents a complete solution. Choose two.


A.     HTTPS

B.     TCP

C.     HTTP

D.     PPTP


Correct Answer: AD




You are asked to make sure all computers within the facility are able to connect to the internet. This type of communication is an example of which of the following?


A.     Hierarchal Model

B.     WAN Technology

C.     Network Model

D.     LAN Technology


Correct Answer: B






Which of the following work divisions is characterized by each member of the team performing several different tasks?


A.     Unit Assembly

B.     Unilateral

C.     Parallel

D.     Serial


Correct Answer: C




How many pins are available on a PS/2 Mini-DIN connector?


A.     3

B.     4

C.     5

D.     6


Correct Answer: D




You are working to put in place a role-based access control system for a healthcare facility that will allow certain employees holding certain job functions to have different levels of access to different types of patient information. Name a reason why this type of information access control helps an organization stay in compliance with HIPA A .Each correct answer represents a complete solution. Choose all that apply.


A.     Release of Information regulations.

B.     Minimum necessary standard.

C.     Termination policy requirements in the Security Rule.

D.     TPO exceptions.


Correct Answer: BC


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