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Which of the following commands can you use to manually force a client to re-register itself with a dynamic DNS server?


A.     IPCONFIG /renew

B.     IPCONFIG /release

C.     IPCONFIG /registerdns

D.     NBTSTAT -rr DNS /rr


Correct Answer: C




Which type of database models used the typical parent-child arrangement, whereas, one piece of information can have many subordinated pieces?


A.     Object Oriented Model

B.     Enterprise Model

C.     Network Model

D.     Hierarchal Model


Correct Answer: D




You are assigned the duty of creating an in depth, non-numerical description of the information contained in a patient’s medical record. Which of the following have you been asked to create?


A.     Statistical Analysis

B.     Quantitative Analysis

C.     Master Patient Index

D.     Qualitative Analysis


Correct Answer: D




Which of the following work divisions is characterized by each person having a sequential step in the final product?


A.     Parallel

B.     Unilateral

C.     Unit Assembly

D.     Serial


Correct Answer: D






You have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Which of the following types of medical facilities would you choose to treat your condition?


A.     Specialty Hospital

B.     Rehabilitation Hospital

C.     General Hospital

D.     Psychiatric Hospital


Correct Answer: D




You are employed at a physician practice that has very little space, employs multiple file clerks and has a moderate workload on a daily basis. Which of the following filing system would be appropriate for your facility?


A.     Filing Cabinets with Drawers

B.     Open Shelf Files

C.     Motorized Revolving Files

D.     Compressible Units with Open Files


Correct Answer: D




You are configuring a wireless network work for a healthcare organization. You want to prevent unauthorized computers from accessing the company’s wireless network. On the basis of the hardware address, which of the following will you use as the best possible method to accomplish the task?


A.     MAC Filtering

B.     SSID

C.     WEP

D.     RAS


Correct Answer: A




You are selecting memory to put in to a laptop. Which of the following types of RAM chips would you most likely select?


A.     184 PIN

B.     72 PIN

C.     240 PIN

D.     144 PIN


Correct Answer: D




Which of the following serial bus specifications is also known as Fire wire?


A.     DIN

B.     IEEE 1284

C.     IEEE 1394

D.     RS-232


Correct Answer: C




Your responsibilities as a healthcare information technologist is to ensure that all scheduling, patient registration and payroll procedures can be performed in the most efficient manner. Which of the following types of information technology are you responsible for?


A.     Financial IT

B.     Infrastructure IT

C.     Clinical IT

D.     Administrative IT


Correct Answer: D


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