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Which of the following payment terms is based on the patient’s ability to pay?


A.     Customary Charges

B.     Capitation

C.     Sliding Scale Fee

D.     Fee for Services


Correct Answer: C




You know that HIPAA requires you to have a contingency plan in the event of an emergency or failure of your in-house system that contains electronic protected health information (EPHI). You have an information technology company that will host your electronic medical records both for backup and for cloud access. A best practice to safeguard against your medical office losing its EPHI for a damaging amount of time is.


A.     Ensure 24-hour access for the Privacy Officer to the IT Company‚Äôs servers.

B.     Establish a contractual clause in the BAA that includes monthly backups of EPHI and monthly reports to the Privacy Officer.

C.     Create a contingency policy that lists the IT Company’s backup.

D.     Establish a Service Level Agreement which defines the rate, scope, and minimum standards to be expected of the IT Company for EPHI recovery to the in-house system servers if they crash.


Correct Answer: D




Part of the medical workflow process is when dictated voice-recorded reports about patient encounters are converted into text. This process is called.


A.     Billing

B.     Transcription

C.     Auditing

D.     Coding


Correct Answer: B


Part of your job duties includes making sure all patient’s history
and physicals are dictated and transcribed in the appropriate time frame. You are regulated by the Joint Commission for the Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations to have history and physicals transcribed and dictated within which of the following time frames?


A.     48 hours

B.     24 hours

C.     6 hours

D.     12 hours


Correct Answer: B




Which of the following methods backs up all changes made since the last full or normal backup?


A.     Incremental backup

B.     Full backup

C.     Differential backup

D.     Half backup


Correct Answer: C




You have the right to choose not to have your medical information disclosed to your parents or other family members. Which of the following defines this right?


A.     Confidentiality

B.     Data Security

C.     Privacy

D.     Conformity


Correct Answer: C




If you are working for a contractor or business associate of a hospital and are sent in to work on part of an electronic healthcare record system containing sensitive patient information, what agreement needs to be in place between your employer and the hospital?


A.     A business associate agreement that outlines that your employer must follow all necessary HIPAA regulations with regards to protected health information privacy and security.

B.     A waiver of liability.

C.     A memorandum of understanding that you and your employer will not access or release patient information.

D.     A business associate agreement that states you and your employer will not access or release any patient information.


Correct Answer: A




Which of the following is used as a default port by the TELNET utility?


A.     21

B.     20

C.     23

D.     80


Correct Answer: C




Which of the following is NOT a secure way of disposal of media having PHI data?


A.     Degaussing

B.     Shredding

C.     Piercing

D.     Sanitizing


Correct Answer: C




How many IEEE 1394 devices can be connected to a single IEEE 1394 port through daisy chaining?


A.     63

B.     127

C.     53

D.     110


Correct Answer: A


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