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The project is behind schedule. A project team member has analyzed the work performance

information and has not created the weekly status update because they are uncertain when the

update should be completed. Which of the following documents should the team member



A.     Communication plan

B.     Risk plan

C.     Scope plan

D.     Quality plan


Correct Answer: A




All of the following are included in a project closure report EXCEPT:


A.     the transition plan for the project

B.     final team member’s performance reviews

C.     the earned value analysis

D.     the post-mortem analysis


Correct Answer: C




A new project manager is beginning work on a high profile project with a budget of $3.2 million. The project manager has not spoken directly to the IT department regarding the necessary hardware for this project. The project manager has determined, based on past experience, that it will not be necessary to purchase additional servers for the project. This is an example of which of the following?


A.     Constraints

B.     Standards compliance

C.     Acceptance criteria

D.     Assumptions


Correct Answer: D



During project execution, the cost management plan would be used to:


A.     ensure that resources are compensated fairly

B.     schedule resources for each phase of the project

C.     identify costs that were not previously identified

D.     determine if variances exceed a defined threshold


Correct Answer: D




The project has an AC of $5,000. Which of the following would be used to determine the budget needed to complete the project?


A.     ETC

B.     PV

C.     BAC

D.     EAC


Correct Answer: A




A project manager has been assigned two team members who do not get along. On past projects they have proven very difficult to work with and are often at odds with one another. Which of the following conflict resolution techniques would be BEST to address this?


A.     Forcing

B.     Avoiding

C.     Confronting

D.     Compromising


Correct Answer: C




After final acceptance, which of the following would the project manager use to assess the

strengths and weaknesses of the project?


A.     Post-project review

B.     Transition plan

C.     Project kick-off meeting

D.     Quality analysis

Correct Answer: A




A project manager is receiving many requests for changes to a project. Which of the following did the project manager fail to complete?


A.     Proper project team selection

B.     Subject Matter Expert (SME) solicitation

C.     Milestone scheduling

D.     Stakeholder analysis


Correct Answer: D




A project manager added some experienced team members to work on certain project activities in conjunction with inexperienced team members because the project is behind schedule. Which of the following BEST describes the technique the project manager is using?


A.     Schedule optimization

B.     Fast tracking

C.     Resource management

D.     Crashing


Correct Answer: D




A project manager is working with a large team on an important project. Many of the team members work remotely. The project manager requires each team member to submit weekly status reports at a certain time each week. One team member consistently submits late status reports. Which of the following should the project manager consider FIRST?


A.     Time zones for various work locations

B.     Necessity of weekly status reports

C.     Format of the status report

D.     Past performance reviews of the team member


Correct Answer: A


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