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The project manager has the MOST authority in which of the following organizational structures?


A.     Balanced Matrix

B.     Functional

C.     Weak Matrix

D.     Strong Matrix


Correct Answer: D




A project sponsor has just signed a document that authorizes the project manager for an

upcoming project. Which of the following elements would be included in this document?


A.     The purpose of the project.

B.     Quantitative analysis for all major project risks.

C.     Team member responsibilities.

D.     The technical specifications of the final deliverable.


Correct Answer: A




A project has just entered the execution phase. The deadline to respond to the RFP has expired.

Which of the following activities describes the NEXT action to take?


A.     Develop a contract for each vendor.

B.     Perform a make or buy analysis.

C.     Determine the type of contract for the project.

D.     Evaluate and select a seller response.


Correct Answer: D




A project manager has just completed the work breakdown structure (WBS) with the project

team. Which of the following would be used during activity sequencing?


A.     Precedence diagramming method

B.     Monte Carlo analysis

C.     Resource availability

D.     Resource leveling technique


Correct Answer: A




Fast tracking a schedule involves which of the following?


A.     Adding resources to critical path activities.

B.     Increasing the budget for the project.

C.     Allowing team members to work overtime.

D.     Performing critical path activities simultaneously.


Correct Answer: D




Crashing a schedule involves which of the following?


A.     Performing a re-baseline of the project schedule.

B.     Performing critical path activities simultaneously.

C.     Adding resources to critical path activities.

D.     Estimating the earned value of the project activities.


Correct Answer: C




A project with a total budget of $100,000 is in the ninth month and has an earned value of

$80,000 and actual costs of $90,000. The project’s cost variance is:


A.     -$5,000.

B.     -$10,000.

C.     +$10,000.

D.     +$170,000.


Correct Answer: B




During which of the following process groups is the project charter developed?


A.     Pre-project setup

B.     Project execution

C.     Project planning

D.     Project control


Correct Answer: A




Which of the following describes a work breakdown structure (WBS)?


A.     Determines the critical path of a project schedule.

B.     Identifies stakeholders and their roles.

C.     Is deliverable-oriented and hierarchical in nature.

D.     Measures the quality of the project objectives.


Correct Answer: C




During the execution phase, a customer approaches the project manager demanding a change.

Which of the following are the steps the project manager should take? (Select TWO).


A.     Make the change.

B.     Notify the Executive Sponsor.

C.     Fill out a change request form.

D.     Evaluate the impact of the change.

E.      Deny the change.


Correct Answer: CD


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