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A project manager has noticed low attendance at weekly meetings for a new project. Which of the following can the project manager do to improve meeting attendance?


A.     Cancel the meetings because of a lack of attendance.

B.     Address all issues as they arise during the meeting.

C.     Start and end the meetings on time.

D.     End the meetings when all topics have been discussed.

Correct Answer: C




An effective scope statement should answer which of the following questions?


A.     What are the project deliverables?

B.     Who will be the team members?

C.     How much work is required?

D.     How will risks be avoided?


Correct Answer: A




The greatest amount of conflict occurs in which of the following team development stages?


A.     Storming

B.     Performing

C.     Norming

D.     Forming


Correct Answer: A




Which of the following documents is used as an input to project scope development?

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A.     Risk register

B.     Roles and responsibilities assignment matrix

C.     Project charter

D.     Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)


Correct Answer: C




A network diagram for a project indicates that the earliest the project team can start Activity #1 is the beginning of week eight. The earliest the project team can finish Activity #1 is the end of week ten. The earliest the project team can finish Activity #2 is the end of week eight. Which of the following is the earliest the entire project can be finished?


A.     The end of week eighteen.

B.     The end of week eight.

C.     The end of week ten.

D.     Beginning of week ten.


Correct Answer: C




Which of the following determines the minimum and maximum acceptable values of process



A.     Project budget

B.     Quality metric

C.     Control limit

D.     Cost baseline


Correct Answer: C




The project sponsor is very disappointed by the status update given to senior management. The

status report contained very detailed information about specific project tasks. Which of the

following communication barriers is this an example of?


A.     Technology

B.     Language

C.     Cultural

D.     Hierarchical


Correct Answer: D




Which of the following conflict resolution techniques is described as having conflicting parties each give something up and be partially satisfied so they can come to an agreement?


A.     Forcing

B.     Compromising

C.     Smoothing

D.     Avoiding


Correct Answer: B





Which of the following conflict resolution techniques is described as having one of the conflicting parties not deal with the problem?


A.     Negotiating

B.     Compromise

C.     Smoothing

D.     Avoiding


Correct Answer: D




Although there is a difference of opinion among several team members, the project manager’s authority is used to keep the project moving forward. Which of the following conflict resolution techniques is being used by the project manager?


A.     Forcing

B.     Avoiding

C.     Negotiating

D.     Confronting


Correct Answer: A


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