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There is a high probability of a needed resource becoming unavailable. The project manager

determines the impact to be low; therefore, the MOST likely response to the identified risk is to:


A.     accept it

B.     avoid it

C.     minimize it

D.     mitigate it

Correct Answer: A




It is important to check the project scope with all stakeholders because it:


A.     creates a professional working environment

B.     is easier to get invoices processed

C.     helps the team members get along better

D.     facilitates acceptance from all people affected


Correct Answer: D




An organization can initiate a project charter by:


A.     approving change requests

B.     defining the business requirements

C.     tracking team member performance

D.     identifying the risk response plans


Correct Answer: B




To validate a project, it would be important to:


A.     identify the key stakeholders

B.     analyze the CPI

C.     define the quality metrics

D.     recommend corrective actions


Correct Answer: A




A project scope document should include which of the following items? (Select TWO).


A.     Cost control

B.     Continuous service improvements

C.     Key performance indicators

D.     Detailed objectives

E.      Risk management plan

Correct Answer: CD




Which of the following tools can be used to estimate the number of resources required to

complete a project? (Select TWO).


A.     Project management software

B.     Expert judgment

C.     Monte Carlo analysis

D.     Risk assessment

E.      Quality checklist


Correct Answer: AB




A stakeholder asks a project manager to cut costs by lowering the quality of the finished product.

Which of the following should the project manager do NEXT?


A.     Communicate the change to the project resources.

B.     Ask the stakeholder to submit a change request.

C.     Revise the project scope statement.

D.     Crash the schedule.


Correct Answer: B




Which of the following may have a significant adverse impact upon the successful completion of

an international project? (Select THREE).


A.     Time zones

B.     Travel costs

C.     Co-location of resources

D.     The project plan

E.      Scheduled vacations

F.      Language barriers


Correct Answer: ABF






During the initial project planning process, which of the following is MOST important to consider

when completing a project for a regulated entity?


A.     The influence of standards compliance.

B.     The influence of skilled resources.

C.     The influence of the task assignments.

D.     The influence of project peer review regulations.


Correct Answer: A




The stakeholders have asked for numerous changes to the project plan document. In order to

effectively track all of the changes, the project manager should mandate:


A.     using an issues log

B.     a review of all documents by the change control board

C.     version control

D.     creating quality metrics


Correct Answer: C


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