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Which of the following risk management strategies is being applied when a project manager

purchases insurance to address a perceived risk event?


A.     Transfer

B.     Mitigation

C.     Acceptance

D.     Avoidance


Correct Answer: A




Which of the following would a project manager implement to ensure any proposed

modifications to a project’s scope follow a standardized process?


A.     WBS dictionary

B.     PERT chart

C.     Change management

D.     Cost control


Correct Answer: C




The initial project management plan is a key deliverable of which of the following process



A.     Planning

B.     Initiating

C.     Monitoring

D.     Executing


Correct Answer: A




A project manager confronts a team member about the use of personal instant messaging during

working hours. This is an example of which of the following conflict resolution techniques?


A.     Forcing

B.     Smoothing

C.     Compromise

D.     Avoiding

Correct Answer: A




A project team member reports that another team member is always listening to their MP3 player during work time. This behavior has not affected the performance of the member, or the project team overall. Which of the following conflict resolution techniques should the project manager use under these circumstances?


A.     Compromise

B.     Avoiding

C.     Smoothing

D.     Forcing


Correct Answer: B




When a prospective risk to the project is initially identified, it should FIRST be added to the:


A.     issue log

B.     work breakdown structure (WBS)

C.     risk matrix

D.     risk register


Correct Answer: D




A project manager who is responsible
for a data cabling project investigates whether a municipal license or permit is required, prior to project implementation. Which of the following is the project manager concerned about?


A.     Audit trail

B.     Standards compliance

C.     Risk management

D.     Internal process compliance


Correct Answer: B







In certain industries, laws may require that all changes to a document are tracked. Which of the following should be implemented by the project manager in this situation?


A.     Standards compliance

B.     Change control system

C.     Version control system

D.     Change management form


Correct Answer: C




The project manager of a wireless networking project receives a ‘stop work’ order from the local building inspector because a roof-mount wireless antenna was not properly grounded, creating an electrocution hazard. This could have been avoided if the project manager investigated which of the following?


A.     Standards compliance

B.     Stakeholder approval

C.     Task dependencies

D.     Expert judgment


Correct Answer: A




In order to prepare a project charter, which of the following items are required for the

pre-project setup?


A.     Assumptions, constraints, project deliverables, and all resources required for the project.

B.     Client name, client project manager, organization project manager, and a complete project


C.     Direction from team members, development methodology, and staff requirements.

D.     Business need, assumptions, constraints, project deliverables, and staff requirements.


Correct Answer: D


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