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Which of the following are components in the communications management planning process?


A.     Communications planning, information distribution, performance reporting, project


B.     Communications planning, information distribution, performance reporting, closing.

C.     Communications planning, information distribution, performance reporting, initiating.

D.     Communications planning, information distribution, performance reporting, manage



Correct Answer: D




Which of the following are created using information contained in the work breakdown structure (WBS)? (Select TWO).


A.     Project scope statement

B.     Project statement of work

C.     Project charter

D.     Project activity estimates

E.      Project resource estimates


Correct Answer: DE




During activity sequencing Activity B cannot start until Activity A is completed. Which of the following dependencies does this represent?


A.     Finish-to-Finish

B.     Start-to-Start

C.     Finish-to-Start

D.     Start-to-Finish


Correct Answer: C




Which of the following would occur at a project kick-off meeting? (Select TWO).


A.     Identification of the project manager.

B.     Development of the project charter.

C.     Creation of the work breakdown structure.

D.     Definition of the project team roles and responsibilities.

E.      Communication of stakeholder expectations.


Correct Answer: DE



At the project kick-off meeting, there is rumor that the company is about to be acquired by a competitor, and the project may be cancelled during the execution stage. Which of the following actions should the project manager take FIRST?


A.     Identify a sympathetic executive in the competitor organization and send them a copy of the project plan.

B.     Identify the risk, prioritize it, assess its impact and then enter it on the risk register.

C.     Attempt to engage someone from the executive staff to alleviate fears amongst the project team.

D.     Dismiss the rumor as untrue and try to get the project team focused on the work at hand.


Correct Answer: B




A task on the critical path has been delayed. The project manager calls a project team meeting, including the project sponsor, and begins analyzing cost and schedule trade-offs in order to compress the schedule and get the project on-track. This activity is an example of:


A.     crashing

B.     roles and responsibilities matrix

C.     fast-tracking

D.     decision tree analysis


Correct Answer: A




An analysis of the cost-benefit trade-offs for a project should be included as part of the:


A.     work plan

B.     risk register

C.     project charter

D.     quality plan


Correct Answer: D









Engineer A is taking excessive breaks. Engineer B reports that they constantly have to answer Engineer A’s phone during these breaks. After discussion, Engineer B agrees to answer the phone of Engineer A, and in exchange, Engineer A will cover Engineer B’s phone for an additional thirty minutes during lunch. This type of conflict resolution is called:


A.     confronting

B.     compromising

C.     avoiding

D.     smoothing


Correct Answer: B




A project manager of a particular project receives formal notification that a vendor has gone out of business. New vendors with similar products at similar costs have been identified. Which of the following should the project manager do FIRST?


A.     Initiate RFQs to qualified vendors, update the project management plan and communicate the issue with the project sponsor following the project communications plan.

B.     Undertake a make-or-buy decision analysis; communicate the issue with the project sponsor f
ollowing the project communications plan.

C.     Call a stakeholder meeting following the project communications plan to urgently review the project schedule; update the project management plan.

D.     Communicate the issue with the project sponsor following the project communications plan, call a project team meeting to discuss alternatives and update the project management plan.


Correct Answer: A




Three key personnel on a project resign. The project manager determines that the existing personnel do not have the skills or knowledge to cover the shortfall and will need to recruit replacements for the team. Which of the following documents will MOST likely need to be updated?


A.     Project scope, staffing management plan and cost management plan.

B.     Project charter, project schedule and cost management plan.

C.     Project scope, communications management plan and staffing management plan.

D.     Staffing management plan, risk register and project schedule.


Correct Answer: D


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