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Which of the following BEST describes the critical path of a project?


A.     A modified version of a project schedule taking into account limited resources and external


B.     The length of time between the two most critical milestones of a project.

C.     The shortest possible path through a project, represented by the sum of the duration of all

scheduled activities, with zero float.

D.     A PDM network diagram illustrating, in detail, all mandatory, discretionary and external

dependencies for a given project.


Correct Answer: C




As a project continues through a lifecycle, approved changes: (Select THREE)


A.     can add costs to the overall projects

B.     can be incorporated by the project manager at their discretion

C.     can hold the costs of a project

D.     can decrease costs of the overall project

E.      need to be incorporated into the project charter

F.      will reduce focus from the original scope


Correct Answer: ACD




Cause and effect diagrams are also referred to as:


A.     run charts

B.     Pareto charts

C.     histograms

D.     fishbone diagrams


Correct Answer: D




Which of the following terms describes a project team that is comprised of persons from

different cultures?


A.     Homogeneous

B.     Heterogeneous

C.     Attribution

D.     Ethnocentricity


Correct Answer: B




Customs and value systems are all examples of dealing with:


A.     cultural differences

B.     language barriers

C.     time zone differences

D.     communication differences


Correct Answer: A




A quality control technician is diagramming test results on a run chart. The chart consists of

twenty-five points, with twelve consecutive points below the median line; however, the other

thirteen points alternate above and below the median line. The twelve consecutive points

represent which of the following?


A.     The run denotes common cause variation.

B.     The quality process is flawed and should be completed again.

C.     The product does not adhere to specification.

D.     The run denotes special cause variation.


Correct Answer: D




Two staff members argue about how a work package should be completed. Which of the

following techniques is recommended to facilitate a solution to satisfy everyone’s differences?


A.     Negotiate

B.     Confront

C.     Compromise

D.     Avoidance


Correct Answer: A





A company complies with regulatory requirements. As part of the regulatory audit process,

projects are reviewed to verify that they conform to the pre-defined corporate methodology.

Which of the following would be a helpful tool to ensure all project documentation remains



A.     Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)

B.     Project schedule

C.     Scope statement

D.     Quality checklist


Correct Answer: D




As a project is going through testing, a quality manager indicates that certain requirements

cannot be met. In an attempt to keep the project on schedule, requirements are modified. This

action is a type of:


A.     risk assumption

B.     risk avoidance

C.     risk control

D.     risk transfer


Correct Answer: B




A new critical requirement has been identified after the project charter was approved. Which of

the following is the NEXT step the project manager should take?


A.     Convene another meeting with the entire group reviewing the requirements one last time

and incorporating the additional requirement.

B.     Determine the effort of the missing requirement and incorporate it into the work plan.

C.     Revise the approved requirements document and forward to the project team for review.

D.     Generate a change request and submit it to the change control board for review.


Correct Answer: D


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