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Which of the following documents would contain the date the ownership of a project’s final

deliverable would be turned over to operations?


A.     Transition plan

B.     Risk plan

C.     Communications plan

D.     Quality plan


Correct Answer: A




Which of the following would MOST likely possess the authority to approve a modification to the



A.     Change control board

B.     Key stakeholder

C.     Project manager

D.     Functional manager


Correct Answer: A




A quality audit would be performed during which of the following processes?


A.     Quality planning

B.     Quality assurance

C.     Quality control

D.     Pareto analysis


Correct Answer: B




Which of the following is a sequential visual representation of a process used to show activities

and decision points?


A.     Ishikawa diagram

B.     Histogram

C.     Flow chart

D.     Control chart


Correct Answer: C




A project manager has analyzed work performance information and identified alarming variances

in the project deliverable. Which of the following would be the BEST response for the project



A.     Perform a qualitative risk assessment.

B.     Speak with the project sponsor about possible solutions.

C.     Approve a change request to correct the actions.

D.     Recommend corrective actions.


Correct Answer: D





A project manager is completing a project schedule network diagram using boxes to represent

the project activities that are connected by lines to show their dependencies. Which of the

following tools is the project manager using?


A.     AOA

B.     WBS

C.     ADM

D.     PDM


Correct Answer: D




Activity A is the predecessor to activity B. The project manager cannot begin work on activity B

until activity A is completed. This is an example of which of the following dependencies?


A.     Start-to-Start

B.     Start-to-Finish

C.     Finish-to-Start

D.     Finish-to-Finish


Correct Answer: C




A key stakeholder is annoyed because they have not been informed of the project status

meetings. Which of the following documents has the stakeholder been overlooking?


A.     Work performance report

B.     Transition plan

C.     Milestone report

D.     Communications plan


Correct Answer: D




Why does the project manager determine the risk tolerance for a project?


A.     It is used to determine the variance of the project deliverable from the acceptance criteria.

B.     It is used to determine which risks should be accepted.

C.     It is used to determine the impact of project risks if they occur.

D.     It is used to determine the probability of project risks.

Correct Answer: B




A project manager needs to replace someone on the project team. Which of the following is the

FIRST action they should take?


A.     Consult the project staffing plan.

B.     Notify the human resources department to open a job posting.

C.     Search for skilled subcontractors who could quickly fill the opening.

D.     Ask the project sponsor for another resource.


Correct Answer: A


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