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Click on the Exhibit button. Which of the following is the critical path if the duration of task E is

modified to four days?




A.     Start-A-B-E-F-end

B.     Start-A-D-end

C.     Start-A-B-C-end

D.     Start-A-B-E-C-end


Correct Answer: D



A Pareto diagram focuses attention on which of the following?


A.     Identifying the stage of failure during the process.

B.     Predicting future problems based on historic results.

C.     Checking for variances in quality over time.

D.     Locating defects with the highest occurrence.


Correct Answer: D




Which of the following is the BEST method to avoid staffing conflict between resource managers

and project managers?


A.     Allow team members to enter the project as best fits their schedule.

B.     Ask the project sponsor for team member assignments.

C.     Claim the best department resources before the project starts.

D.     Formally request team members early.


Correct Answer: D




Which of the following options is the BEST reason for a project manager to develop a version

control standard?


A.     To ensure the project team is looking at the same information.

B.     To present each date that the project information was created.

C.     To identify who authored the project information.

D.     To justify why the document was created.


Correct Answer: A




Which of the following would be used to cover the cost of an identified risk?


A.     Management reserve

B.     Budget baseline

C.     Contingency fund

D.     Earned value


Correct Answer: C


Which of the following is created as part of the closing phase?


A.     Quality baseline

B.     Cost review

C.     Activity estimation

D.     Feasibility analysis


Correct Answer: B




After a change control board meeting, which of the following actions should the project manager

do NEXT?


A.     Notify the requester of the verdict.

B.     Review the impact of proposed change.

C.     Update the project scope statement.

D.     Document the specific change request.


Correct Answer: A




Several stakeholders have asked the project manager to provide a weekly performance report.

Which of the following may be the reason for the request?


A.     To notify the team that the project has started.

B.     To provide needed criticism to poor team performers.

C.     To monitor change requests.

D.     To measure project progress.


Correct Answer: D




A key stakeholder sends an email to the project manager expressing dissatisfaction with the

progress of the project. Which of the following would be the BEST way for the project manager to

address the stakeholder’s concerns? (Select TWO).


A.     Ask the stakeholder to submit a change request.

B.     Send the stakeholder an email.

C.     Schedule a monthly conference call with the stakeholder.

D.     Telephone the stakeholder to address the concerns.

E.      Have a face-to-face meeting with the stakeholder.


Correct Answer: DE




Which of the following would be the MOST effective way for a project manager to create a

budget estimate?


A.     Ask a subject matter expert to provide a cost estimate.

B.     Ask the customers to provide a cost estimate.

C.     Ask a key stakeholder to provide a cost estimate.

D.     Ask the project sponsor to provide a cost estimate.


Correct Answer: A


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