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A project manager has been asked to create an issues log. Which of the following should be

included in the issues log? (Select TWO).


A.     The description of the issue

B.     The cost of the issue

C.     The risk log

D.     The date the issue was submitted

E.      The work breakdown structure (WBS)


Correct Answer: AD




In order to satisfy a difficult stakeholder, a project manager has asked the project team to include

more services than were outlined in the statement of work (SOW). Which of the following will be

the MOST likely impact on the outcome of the project?


A.     It may decrease the scope of the project.

B.     It may satisfy the project sponsor.

C.     It may increase the cost of the project.

D.     It may require the use of fewer resources.


Correct Answer: C





The team members have notified the project manager of several risks which may have a

significant impact upon the project. Which of the following should the project manager do FIRST

to address these risks?


A.     Manage the risks with the lowest impact.

B.     Recommend the cancellation of the project.

C.     < span lang="EN-US">Ignore the risks.

D.     Manage the risks with the highest impact.


Correct Answer: D




A team member reports that a coworker is difficult and does not follow assigned tasks. Because

the project manager needs to cut project costs, the team member who reported the issue is

terminated. Which of the following conflict resolution techniques is the project manager using?


A.     Avoidance

B.     Forcing

C.     Acceptance

D.     Transference


Correct Answer: A




Several project tasks cannot be completed because local resources are not available. The project

manager has to outsource the work to find qualified resources. Which of the following risk

responses is the project manager using?


A.     Acceptance

B.     Mitigation

C.     Transference

D.     Avoidance


Correct Answer: C




A purpose of formal project closure is to:


A.     assess blame for the failure of the project

B.     provide lessons learned for future projects

C.     start a new project

D.     outline the responsibilities of each team member


Correct Answer: B




A statement of work (SOW) has been heavily revised by the stakeholders. Which of the following

should be implemented to make it easier to determine how many times the document has been



A.     Version control

B.     A document revision date

C.     Approval signatures from each stakeholder

D.     A change request


Correct Answer: A




The quality of the finished product does not match stakeholder specifications. Which of the

following steps should a project manager have taken to ensure the quality of the project



A.     The project manager should have asked for more project resources.

B.     The project manager should have eliminated the need for change requests.

C.     The project manager should have included details in the WBS dictionary.

D.     The project manager should have monitored the work performance.


Correct Answer: D




During which of the following processes in the project lifecycle is risk to the project at its



A.     Monitoring/Controlling

B.     Planning

C.     Initiation

D.     Execution


Correct Answer: C




Which of the following components would be important in creating a project charter?


A.     Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)

B.     Portfolio manager

C.     Communications strategy

D.     Business need


Correct Answer: D


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