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Which of the following processes is a way to give a rating to a risk associated with a project?


A.     Risk register

B.     Expert judgment analysis

C.     Qualitative risk analysis

D.     Quantitative risk analysis


Correct Answer: D




Which of the following analyses is used to determine which risks may have the highest impact to

a project?


A.     Expected monetary value analysis

B.     Probability analysis

C.     Sensitivity analysis

D.     Decision tree analysis


Correct Answer: C




Which of the following human resource outputs would a project manager use to determine a

team member’s skills?


A.     Role

B.     Accountability

C.     Competency

D.     Responsibility


Correct Answer: C


Which of the following is the MOST important for a project manager to use when creating a

diverse project team?


A.     Interpersonal skills

B.     Knowledge of local law

C.     Pre-defined staff assignments

D.     Programming skills


Correct Answer: A




A project team is requesting an annual review; however, the project manager has been managing

multiple large scale projects and has not been able to work closely with the team. Which of the

following is the BEST way to conduct a thorough performance review?


A.     Use the 360-degree feedback principle empowering the project team to evaluate each other.

B.     Spend more time with the team, providing detailed information to create an evaluation.

C.     Review each project team member’s weekly status reports to determine the level of effort

put into the project.

D.     Review the staff management plan to determine when reviews can be conducted.


Correct Answer: A




Which of the following would be done LAST, at the end of an integrated change control process?


A.     Verify the project quality conforms to predefined standards.

B.     Accept the proposed change.

C.     Document the completed change request.

D.     Update the budget and schedule.


Correct Answer: C




Which of the following describes a benefit of a post-project review meeting?


A.     Allows project team members to share what went right on the project.

B.     Allows project team members to begin reviewing the next project.

C.     Allows project team members to point fingers at people that did not perform.

D.     Allows project team members to review changes on a project.

Correct Answer: A




A customer is a qualified service provider for government entities. The customer is extremely

clear about the importance of the finished product meeting government standards. Which of the

following is their MOST important requirement?


A.     Delivery deadline

B.     Product quantity

C.     Regulatory compliance

D.     Overall cost


Correct Answer: C




If the CV of a particular project is $32,000 and the EV is $104,000, which of the following is the

AC of the project?


A.     $136,000

B.     0.31

C.     3.25

D.     $72,000


Correct Answer: D




A project manager has been engaged to deliver a project in South America and does not speak

Spanish. More than 50 percent of the project team will be Spanish speaking. Which of the

following would be the project manager’s BEST option?


A.     Insist that all communication be in English.

B.     Use automated translation technologies to communicate with team members in writing.

C.     Engage only bi-lingual team members.

D.     Engage interpreters at both locations for all key team communication.


Correct Answer: D


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