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A project sponsor wants to remove an individual team member from the project. The project

manager has determined that the team member in question has all the skills and knowledge

required to fulfill the assigned activities, and is on schedule. Which of the following actions would

be the BEST course of action for the project manager?


A.     Identify a replacement for the individual and then remove the individual from the project.

B.     Ignore the requests from the project sponsor as they have no bearing on the project


C.     Arrange a meeting with the project sponsor to discuss the issue, and to explain the negative

impact of removing the individual from the project.

D.     Arrange a meeting with the individual team member to explain the situation with the project

sponsor and remove the individual from the project.


Correct Answer: C




Two consultants on a project disagree about the most appropriate solution to an issue identified

during the executing phase. The project manager intervenes and mandates that they resolve

their differences and present a solution to the project team before the end of the day. This type

of conflict resolution is called:


A.     confronting

B.     forcing

C.     negotiating

D.     smoothing


Correct Answer: B




In project management, the term ‘triple constraint’ refers to:


A.     Time, cost, scope.

B.     Project charter, project scope statement, project management plan.

C.     Roles, responsibilities, activities.

D.     Resources, processes, assets.


Correct Answer: A






At the close of a project, it is generally important to document the lessons learned because:


A.     The project sponsor is usually interested in knowing what the project team has learned.

B.     The customer is generally interested in knowing all the costs of the project, including the

portion of costs associated with resolving problems and correcting mistakes.

C.     The documentation and project management processes dictate that lessons learned are


D.     They can be utilized on future similar projects to ensure the same problems do not arise, or

can be resolved in a timely fashion.


Correct Answer: D




A vendor that provides critical services to the project has been acquired by a competitor. Despite assurances from the vendor, a political decision has been made to engage a new vendor that has no association with a competitor. Which of the following is the MOST appropriate format for informing the team of the termination of one vendor and engagement of a replacement vendor?


A.     Email from the project manager.

B.     As specified in the communication plan.

C.     Telephone conference call.

D.     Email from the project sponsor.


Correct Answer: B




Using the given information:


Ÿ   AC = $75,000

Ÿ   BAC = $225,000

Ÿ   ETC = $160,000


Which of the following represents the EAC of this project?


A.     $65,000

B.     $150,000

C.     $235,000

D.     $300,000


Correct Answer: C



The WBS is a direct input into all of the following EXCEPT:


A.     scope management plan

B.     risk management plan

C.     cost management plan

D.     quality management plan


Correct Answer: A




Which of the following conflict resolution techniques is considered to be lose/win for the parties



A.     Collaboration

B.     Avoidance

C.     Accommodation

D.     Compromising


Correct Answer: D




When authoring a project charter, which of the following would be found in the body of the



A.     Project title, description and resources assigned.

B.     Constraints, assumptions, issues and mitigation.

C.     Project team members and project workbook.

D.     Business need and project justification.


Correct Answer: D




When would parametric estimating be utilized?


A.     When definitive information is not available to base time estimates.

B.     When total cost data is not available.

C.     When definitive unit cost information is available.

D.     When reserve analysis information is available.


Correct Answer: C


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