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A project manager’s experience shows that when using four laborers they can produce ten

deliverables. Now the project manager uses eight laborers and produces fifteen deliverables.

This is an example of which of the following?


A.     Learning curve

B.     Law of diminishing return

C.     80/20 rule

D.     Parametric cost estimating


Correct Answer: B




The process of decomposing deliverables into smaller components is complete when:


A.     manageable cost and duration estimates can be developed

B.     project justification has been established

C.     change requests have been approved

D.     each work element is found in the WBS and the WBS dictionary


Correct Answer: A




A project manager has an initial problem with a remote team member’s performance. Which of

the following is the BEST form of communication to address this issue?


A.     Formal written communications

B.     Informal written communications

C.     Informal verbal communications

D.     Formal verbal communications


Correct Answer: C




Which of the following techniques graphically represents schedule activities as nodes and uses

arrows to define the sequence relationship between them?


A.     Activity-on-Arrow (AOA)

B.     Arrow Diagram Method (ADM)

C.     Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)

D.     Precedence Diagram Method (PDM)

Correct Answer: D




The testing of a deliverable to determine whether or not it meets previously defined acceptance

criteria is an example of which of the following?


A.     Quality assurance

B. &nbsp
Change control

C.     Quality control

D.     Risk matrix analysis


Correct Answer: C




The design of standards and specifications by which to test the functionality of a deliverable is a

component of which of the following?


A.     Scope control

B.     Change control

C.     Quality assurance

D.     Risk matrix analysis


Correct Answer: C




Industry regulations require that an organization keep all project-related documents for no less

than seven years. Which of the following should the project manager implement to BEST address

this requirement?


A.     Version control policy

B.     Document retention policy

C.     Auditing policy

D.     Standards compliance


Correct Answer: B








All of the following are included in the project scope document EXCEPT the:


A.     project assumptions

B.     key performance indicators

C.     alignment to strategic goals

D.     project charter


Correct Answer: D




All of the following are characteristics of a WBS EXCEPT: (Select TWO).


A.     shows a graphical timeline of project activities

B.     shows a hierarchal breakdown of project work

C.     shows major project milestones

used as a tool to make project cost estimates

E.      includes a dictionary as a supporting document


Correct Answer: AC




All of the following occur during the project closure phase EXCEPT:


A.     ensure the project is aligned with organizational goals

B.     ensure document retention compliance is being performed

C.     release project team resources

D.     close contracts and pay vendors


Correct Answer: A


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